I've often considered the whole human guinea pig thing with regards to my fertility problems. I mean, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Then I thought that those weasels that run the labs would do lots of poking and prodding and some particulary nasty tests as well. Nah. Don't sound too good. I'd rather end up flat broke, again,I think.With my luck they'd do some real freaky shit to me and I'd end up pregnant with some half-mutant like in X-Men or something. (Wouldn't necessarily mind being impregnated the old fashioned way by Hugh Jackman though! Woof Woof! He's charming, good looking, TALL, has a MIGHTY fine ass, AND can sing Show Tunes in a beautiful baritone... and he isn't gay even though he can and likes sing show tunes) Again.....woof woof. I mean,have you all seen the trailers for the film Van Helsing?????

Now before you all go feeling sorry for Z with all my panting over Hugh Jackman, please take this into consideration first. I have to put up with his pants and slack-jawed dazed drooling and "she's gorgeous/amazing/hot/sexy, etc" over the following: Rebecca Romajn-Stamos, Pam Anderson, Nicloe Kidman,Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Blanchette, Madonna,Giselle Bunchden (Model) Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Angeline Jolie.... shall I continue or is this enough for you?

Therefore, I must also add to my list of males I would happily roll in bed with (or where ever else we wound up. Well! I'm a creative and imaginative woman!) Ahem.....

Sean Connerey, Mel Gibson (becasue he could make me laugh AND scream!), Aidan Quinn, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Selleck (ditto for Mel's comment),Ewan MacGregor (he's a naughty laddie) Jude Law (he's sooo intense & sensual),a slightly younger Simon le Bon (Duran Duran), Simon's younger brother Jonathan (cause I met him and we had this "connection", but nothing came of it ever,dammit. He sings better than Simon and is..... H.O.T. TRUST ME.sigh.) Definetly Hugh Jackman (Ditto on the Mel comment, AND we could sing Show Tunes)

Ah.... I'd better stop, my mind is on overdrive and I don't want y'all to think I'm slutty or anything. It isn't as if I said "all of them at once" or any such nonsense. I did notice that I seem to have this thing for Tall men with dark hair and light blue or green eyes. Hmmmmm. Goodness gracious. The only one without an accent is Tom Selleck! At least I'm fairly consistent!!!

Please feel free to add your celebrity fantasies!*wink wink* And MINDY, I KNOW we'd have to take turns with Sean, but I love you, so I don't mind sharing!!!!

Wow, I started out talking about freaky infertility test trials and ended up delving into my fantasies. Actually, I'm happily numb after this, so I suppose it was a good thing!

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