Yup, the front of the line for the IVF Rollercoaster is in view now. Not much longer to wait till I can get on.

Aunt Flo should show up in 4-5 days.... then 3 days after that my ass will become a pincushion. I just pray I don't get any hits near my siatic nerve like the time before last. That was just too damn close for comfort.

I am lucky because I don't have to give myself the injections like some of my IVF/IUI "sisters". On the down side.... that means just about every nurse gets to have me flash them a cheek for an injection at one time or another. No dignity whatsoever.

You all wanna hear the REAL kicker?

It looks like my IVF Doc will be OUT.OF.TOWN. when it is time for my EC (Embryo collection). He will be at a conference. Erm, I'm having a mild freak out over this..... do any of my pals think Im being..... unreasonable about this?

I mean, he will probably have some STRANGER do my EC, and possibly my ET too......... call me shy or whatever, but I don't like haveing strangers poking around in there. The strange Doc will have to have her FACE-IN-MY-CROTCH for at least 20 minutes for the ET. Well shit.

I think this qualifies for a completely justified freak out....don't you?

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