I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Sorry, I've been at a conference for the past couple of days in case you were wondering why I was being so quiet.

Actually, I was sitting there in that conference, boiling hot, praying that AF wouldn't start up right then, since bathroom runs would have been only every 2-3 hours when the let us out of our cell... I mean, the hotel ballroom which felt like I was in HELL. Seriously. The walls were papered in something that felt like burgundy velvet and black marble. It was so G.D. hot.... outside temp ONLY 113degrees and 70% humidity (that's about 41c-ish) and the damn air conditioning was on low-to nothing. Hamsters breathe stronger than the airflow from the central a/c in that room dammit.Jeeeez.

It was pretty informative... if a bit repetitious.OK, a LOT repetitous.(sp?)Why, oh WHY was the loud, obnoxious IGNORANT asshole sitting behind me? They told us to put our mobiles on silent or shut em off. Did Ahole? NOOOOOOOOO. He would answer it.... and talk.... F-O-R-E-V-E-R. THEN... he would interrupt the speaker (any and ALL of them) to interrupt with a stupid question and/or arguementative comment. I somehow managed not to smack him one. Even after he made the loud-under-his-breath-comment to his neighbor that "the US created Money laundering...blah blah blah bullshit..all their fault to corrupt and control the world...blah blah" even though the speaker 2 people before CLEARLY stated that forms of money laundering has been going on since waaaaay before Christ appeared on this earth.You know, when the good ole US of A didn't really exist yet. What scares me is that this dumb ass runs a bank. He is a CEO. of an INVESTMENT BANK.

Honestly, I didn't realize I had such self control.Must have been all the chocolate in my system.(see below)

On the bright side... the confrence was held in the Ritz Carlton... and guess what I found out? Hmmm? They have a yummy Chocolate Mousse. And a yummy chocolate mousse cake with gnache icing...scrumptious chocolate and almond shortbread cookies, and various other shortbread cookies...and killer carrot cake(non frosted)too. (I love me some carrot cake) Hey GET OFF MY ASS ! I have PMS..... it's the ONE time of the month that I eat chocolate. What kind of dumb ass would I be to not eat it all? DAYUM. There is also Killer garlic mashed potatoes that I am sure they made with heavy cream...-that stuff was RICH-...beef medallions in a peppercorn sauce......and.......... WAY TOO MUCH GODDAMN FISH. I hate fish. No, really. The smell of cooked fish (or a fishmarket for that matter)makes me gag. The taste in my mouth makes my stomach heave. The ONLY type of fish that is safe for me to consume is....tuna (ie: sandwich)& COD fish- only cod "fish and chips style" drenched in malt vinegar. And that only rarely.I mean rarely. Like- when I go to England-rarely.I think you get the point.

The first day there were 6 kinds of fish offered for main course. 6. Not counting all the varieties of salad with seafood. Some dumb ass got it in his head to put little bits of fish in Penne Arribiata.W.T.F.?? Now why would the chef do that?*gasp*

Anyway, for ONCE my prayers were answered. AF still hasn't shown up. That's not to say that I wasn't having the cramps from hell and had to be quiet. No whimpers from me, even though it was a close thing there a couple of times.

Maybe she will show up on the weekend. Now that would be fun. Wanna know why? BECAUSE.... then I would have to call Dr-Im-not-probably-going-to-be-here-for-your-egg collection-OR-embryo-transfer-and-am-gonna-dump-your-ass-on-a complete-stranger-but-who-really-gives-a-shit in to the office on the WEEKEND. Maybe I'll go show up on his doorstep. I DO live about 8 houses away from him, if that. That'll piss him off.heh heh.Yeah, I'll do it.

Does that make me evil? GOOOOOOOOOD!

Don't think I've EVER looked so forward to getting my period in my life!(One has to take the little joys one finds as we meander aimlessy through life)

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