Here we go again!

Well, just an update.... Aunt Flo showed up about an hour and a half ago.

Waiting for Doc's phone call in about 30 minutes. He's "with a patient". Sigh.

I'll give you all the lowdown when I have more. See ya!


Ok, I actually have SOME small clue what's going on now. I think!

Well, lemmie see I went in this afternoon for my visit to the vampire. (ie: I had a blood draw with the IVF nurse)Check. Bled profusely all over the damn place cause said vampire screwd up. She is a little (major understatement) dingy, and a little slow on the take, if you get my drift?? So she froze t first as blood pumped from my HALF SHUT VEIN. I Valiantly managed to keep my big mouth shut on the comments that threatned to spew forth. Of course I managed to mutter "Oh fuck,give me a damn..fuck.shit.Fuck!" a few times... but otherwise I controlled.

Next, had to remind her to enter the prescription for my meds......like DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!enough for 6 days at maximum dose I reminded her... just for starters. I recieved a blank look.*repeats above cursing silently to self* Then I wonder, when is my favorite, slightly less stupid nurse coming back from vacation??? So I ask. Next week. THANK YOU GOD!

Dizzy and lightheadded from losing waaaay too much blood from numerous sources, I stumble downstairs... we are talking big ass marble, so must be careful not to slip and break my damn neck,staircase here.... WAYYYY the fuck down the hall-I mean FAR, as in I wish I had roller skates far- to the pharmacy. elbow my way up front, cause hell, they all know me and I AM THE IMPORTANT ONE HERE! I notice as the girl toddles off to the fridge to get my stash that there is one nosy cow behind me.... ears wide open. So guess what I do? Cumon, guess. I say real loud" GIMMIE MY DRUGS,yeaaaah!!! DO I NEED THE NEEDLES TOO???no. I got plenty." then I make a BIG production of counting all the boxes of meds....loud...........ALL THEM DAMN BOXES..... THREE TIMES. and then I said.... ahem......"Well don't I look like an additct? Gimmie my shiiiiiiiiiit"(pharmacist knows me well, we all tease each other)then we both cackled like hyeneas.Me more so since I could see nosy woman's facial expression in the mirror reflection in front of me. Mission accomplished.

Back up the long ass hallway to the staircase from Hell to dummy, give her the meds to put in their fridge, but first I make her mark my name on the bag.....in front of me. Back down the stairs and down the hall.......... to the cashier.... to fork out......

over US$1,200.00 equivalent for 6 days meds.(I hope they last 6 days) this is only the first batch... there will be more.Argue with the dumb ass about why i want a reciept.....until I get one, hanging half off the counter, still with a spinning head.

I go out in the SICK GODDAMN 120 degree heat + humidity levels I don't want to consider, to my car... and drive home thinking...."Im SO gonna hurt someone if it doesn't work this time".

Saturday I have a date with the wand monkey for real this time (oh joy, on day 3. women, you KNOW what I mean) and a needle afterwards chock full of 225IU of pure recombitant FSH... called Gonal F.. a hormone that my Pituatary gland is too freaking lazy to produce like it's supposed to, since I obviously pissed it off when I was young and it holds grudges like the mafia... so I therefore have to inject it into my poor butt daily.

Cyn, the human pincushion at your service.

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