I am NOT oversensitive!!

For those of you that really know me (cheryl.b, Mindy, etc.) you will know this is not the first time for me to say this.

But I'm really not. I have a pet peeve. I mean, this is GUARANTEED to PISS me off like no tomorrow. I go APESHIT when I'm having a phone conversation with someone and they are talking- I mean a conversation- with someone else while you are on the phone. Noow, I'm totally understanding if we are talking and you have to say "just a minute" to me, say to the other person "yes, that's fine, and then blah blah" then come back to me and say "ok, you were saying??" and continue OUR conversation. Not say "hold on" (if I'm lucky) and then hang on the fucking phone for 10 minutes (cause I'll wait just to see how long you'll let me hang so Im totally justified in being pissed) while I listen to you have a conversation with someone where you are. Now if it is work and important... I am understanding of that. BUT if it ISN"T work........ now you deserve all my venom.

Z, my dear husband, the man I've been involved with for 15 years.... since I had barely turned 18...(hint. schmuck should really know better by now!) did this to me last night. On the phone. (refer back to my "home alone" post please if you didn't already read it.) It was 8:30pm last night and I still hadn't heard from him alllll day, so I tried calling his cell. No answer. I call back in 5-10 min.... no answer. I call back in 5..... no answer.... I call back again in 5... and no answer.... I do this shit for maybe, OH, 40 minutes. I send a message on the phone somewhere in between all the calls. Nuthin.... for about an hour or so. I get a message close to 11pm saying, "I just got out of the movies and left my phone in my brother's friends car". (brother is there doing some work.. he's a makeup artist)

Ok, fine, you went out with your brother and his friends to the movies. It's 11:oo at night, and maybe I'm a little lonely. Maybe I missed him, (but I would never call when he is at these conferences) and maybe I'm a bit hurt that he didn't call to just say "Hello, I'm going out with XXX for dinner and wanted to say Hi real quick, I'll call you later/tomorrow".or "what a shit day, conference was BORING/great, whatever, hows our daughter?, miss you, etc.." gee, I don't know.. something. I kinda wanted to hear his voice maybe was all. I'm feeling rotten all day yesterday, like I'm coming down with somehting. low grade fever..just enough to give mild body aches and feel like hell. My head feels as if it is the size of the Good-year Blimp. My sinuses are so screwed that under my left eye is twitching almost incessantly and my voice sounds like shit cause I'm so congested.

So, basically, I was feeling kinda bad to begin with. So I call him. Long distance. and what do I get? "Oh hello. Just got out of movies. We saw Hidalgo"(never mind you promised to take Arianna to see it you dufus). Me" Oh was it nice?" "Yeah. so...". then: talking in background to others in the car..... for a long time..............*steam coming out of my ears*, finally, he comes back on and says "call me back in 20 minutes". HELLO? IT IS almost effing midnight! I say "um, uh-huh,bye".

I didn't call back. Would you?

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