Why Me?

I've been better, definetly.

Hello all. Sorry I've been a bit quiet (well for me anyway!) lately. I've been sick as a dawg with what I'm pretty sure is the worst sinus infection I have EVER had in my life. Couldn't take it anymore and went to the ENT on Thursday, he said "WHOA! Thats some serious infection!BED REST and take all these meds!!" He didn't have much arguement from me, I tell you. As it was, I barely dragged myself to go see him. I figured my head was going to explode.

Then I thought: Hmmm, better get myself straightend out, cause AF should show up in about 11 days and then three days after that, I begin stims for IVF#4. And if I have an infection, Doc might just tell me to piss off till I'm better... and that would mean I have to wait another month. Sounds like fun, no? (not)

Just one small, teensy weensy probelm.........

I got a thrush infection of my throat/mouth from the stupid fucking antibiotics!!!! I knew this would happen, and I told him too. It isn't pretty and is awfully painful. True, it could have been worse....ie: (for the slow) it could have manifested someplace more SOUTH if you get my drift? So all in all, I guess I'm a lot better off than I could be, right?

As is, I'm wondering what my IVF Doc will say when he does an ultrasound for me either tomorrow or the next day. Ok, fine. I'm terrified. I've been in horrible pain (left ovary area, thank you for asking) off and on and I"m hoping that it is a cyst dissolving. I hope. I was in such pain at 4am yesterday hiding in the bathroom, that Z must have heard my whimpers of pain cause I saw a blur at the door (I tried to be quiet, I really did) looked at him through slitted eyes and saw the look of PURE TERROR on his face.

Then I watched him turn and run...... in the opposite directon. Chickenshit. I was in so much pain, I couldn't even bother to eek out a small curse, even silently. You know I'm bad if I can't toss out a curse. Maybe my half asleep brain was too busy cursing and ranting at my ovary to "calm the fuck down and cut that shit out" to function in any other way. That could be it.

Shit if I know.

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