I'm a patient of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr.Hyde, it seems

Well damn me if I didn't come out of my wand monkey date all upside down? ( and SO not in a good way!)

First off. I ended up NOT having an ultrasound. He changed his mind and didn't want to do one. Fine. No dildo cam for me this time. Okeedokee.

Apparently my hormones are good enough (well, for me) to go ahead with this cycle. Good. Good.

My Prolactin is damn high, but that can be taken care of with 2 pills. No prob.

Generally speaking, it takes quite a lot to get me confused and discombobulated... im a pretty smart woman.... but HE managed to do it. Now get a load of this.

He changed his damn mind...... again. Remember I said he was going to give me Puregon this time around? Nuh-uh. Changed his DAMN MIND.... AGAIN. Then I made the mistake of asking "Why is that?" Mistake. He got all huffy. THEN he started doing math calculations (big damn mistake on HIS part-he KNOWS I HATE THIS- cause math IS GUARANTEED to make me zone out and get confused...Guaranteed!- he might as well have started speaking Sanscrit or Armaic like in the Passion of Christ) At least the movie had subtitles when you are lost and confused.Sigh. I threw HIS OWN DAMN ARGUEMENT FOR THE PUREGON BACK AT HIM WORD-FOR-WORD. He said "not necessarily".(bastard)*Cyn sitting with gaping mouth starting at him in complete shock, sputtering* "But, but.... but... you said..... and then you said... but.... huh????" and THEN he ROLLED HIS EYES.(sonofabitch)His last word on the meds..... cumon.... GUESS! He said.........

"Fine. Use whatever medicine you want.. they are both rFSH... just make up your mind and let me know so I can write the prescription." (Well F-you too!)

Wait, it gets better (if you can imagine that!)THEN he ASKED me... (with my 3 previous charts in front of him)

Doc: "What Down reg protocol have you done?"
ME: (WTF?????)"1st cycle w/ Puregon... None. 2nd cycle..gonal F,,, short protocol from day 1 of cycle till HCG trigger, 3rd time (last time) Gonal F, Long protocol starting 15 days before Af show up to HCG triger on cycle day 20."
Doc: "So, what do you want to do this time? Long protcol again?"
ME: "It's up to me??Isn't it a little LATE in my cycle for that now?" (dufus)
Doc: "Oh yeah, it is, huh?"
Me: silent
Doc: "Well......."
ME: "You said there was an injection that I only need IF my LH starts moving in the wrong direction.....
Doc: "Oh no, I can do this one.... yeah, that will be good... hmmmmmmmm"
DOC: "Oh, its an injection from day 8 or so every day in addition to the stim."
ME: (tired and dizzy) "OK, fine. Thats good."(never mind that each one is an additional 80 bucks- whatever.)

He wore me out. I tell you. Makes me wonder what he will do when the cycle actually starts!

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