Miss Scarlett's Dumb-Ass of the Week Award

Hello y'all! It's that time again! Yup. I found another dumbshit for your viewing pleasure. Read on my friends, read on.........

From today's paper (GDN): A Dubai court has jailed for one year a 26-year old eeast Indian man caought breaking into a house wearing only shoes and a backpack. Police saw the naked man, identified only as A.T., scaling a wall of a villa in an exclusive area back in October 2003. He was found to be carrying several stolen digital cameras which he used "to shoot pictures of nude women in compromising positions", as well as jewellery, mobile phones and cash. The burgular was found guilty of theft and breaking and entering and wil be deported after serviing his sentence.

WTF?? What about indecent exposure? What a dumb ass. Breaking in to a house butt nekkid cept for a backpack and shoes? Damn. He got beat with the stoopid stick one too many times, now didn't he?

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