Um, a clarification

I realize thanks to a good friend, that my "Date with a Wand Monkey" post could have a double meaning. Apparently the first paragraph was all full of double-entendre's, so please allow me to clarify, hmmmm?


A wand monkey is a (derogatory) nickname for the person that gives you an ultrasound. Particularly the vaginal kind, but it also goes for rectal too. For the men out there, I've heard a rumor that there is also one they do by inserting one up the penis. Sounds like a blast, no? (Ok, I suppose not)But, hey! Turnabout is fair play, although it DOES sound painful.

Anyhow, I hope this clears up the fact that I had a date with an ULTRASOUND MACHINE and NOT a vibrator.

Any questions?

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