The Inquisition Confession – Week 11

Thanks to my buddies for their questions this week. I know everyone is busy with their last minute shopping and wrapping of gifts. I will cut right to the answers!

Carrie Jo asked me an easy one this week. Bless you darling!

What's your earliest Christmas memory?

My earliest Christmas memory would have to be when I was either 4 months old or 1 yr 4 months. I don't know which. But I was tiny enough to be laying under the Christmas tree enthralled with the colored lights in the darkened room. I distinctly remember looking up in the tree. Then, I saw my mom coming towards me in her negligee, smiling and picked me up and that's the end of my memory. It was a feel good memory. It is crystal clear in my mind as if it was yesterday.

Must be why I still like to sit in the dark room and stare (ok, zone out on) at the Christmas tree lights even now. Yes, I'm probably going to go do that once this is posted.

I've always loved Christmas and had many good Christmases. That's my favorite time of the year and one reason that I wanted to get married in December.

Mare actually beat Carrie Jo to her original question and asked me:

What was your Christmas incident ie: All I ever wanted for Christmas was (present) and Santa didn't get it for me and I was so unhappy? And what age were you that you stopped believing in Santa?

Well, I was generally pretty lucky, and I am the type of person to be content with what I am given. But.

The only thing I could really come up with was when I was about 8 or so and I BADLY wanted a Barbie house & furniture. I was really REALLY big into Barbie, I tell you. (I mean, come on, I grew up as an only child cause my half brothers and sister were over 16 years older than me!) I took IMMACULATE care of my Barbies. The clothes, accessories, etc. I was disappointed that Santa didn't come through for me (but poor mama, she was divorced by that time, and things were pretty tight! Those houses were damn expensive. She worked really hard, but still!) "Santa" came through with a Kiss ME Barbie that you press a button in her back and she puckers and makes a kissing noise, which I thought was cool, and a Malibu Barbie (the one with the tan lines and turquoise bikini?) and some clothes, so, I was happy, really excited about that.

Santa screwed me over a year or so later about the Barbie Swimming pool. By that time, I decided to get him but good. I saved up my allowance and b-day money, etc… like a little packrat and had my eye on it at this one store mama liked to go. Every time we would go there, I would go and stare at it on the shelf and plot and plan in my head on how much more I needed to get it.

Then the day came that I had enough. I went to a sales person and asked him to get it down for me. Then I carried it over to Mama. She said "Now Friss, we can't get that today." And I replied "Oh, it's ok, I've got my allowance with me!" So, I got my Barbie pool! Mama was so impressed that I was that determined to get it that I saved so well that she let me get it.

I still have that trait today. If I really want something, I'm just stubborn enough to wait and be patient and find the best way to get what I want. (Which is why this whole infertility thing pisses me off, because so much of it is not in my control) That's how I got Arianna. My stubborn determination. My wedding dress. (Don't ask how much it cost. It cost a ton. Was from Italy Y'all! Hand beaded and made for my measurements. It IS freaking GORGEOUS. Cathedral length train. Ahhhhhh, I love my wedding dress. And yes, Mama said Arianna and her daughter, and any daughter MY granddaughter might have has to wear it. Yes, it is here in Bahrain with me) Mama was muttering under her breath so often during the wedding planning "I should have known when she was addicted to reading Cinderella all the time!"

In fact. I waited, plotted and planned to have my car that I drive now for Two and a half years. Heh. The house I'm in love with and want to buy with the government loan Z got? It's still for sale. See if we don't end up with it. Heh.

About Mare's question when I stopped believing in Santa. I was 10. It was very traumatizing, and this knock down drag out happened between my mom and dad over the phone when I was on my Christmas visitation with him in Florida and Mom called me to see what Santa brought me. It was so traumatizing (ie: dad got REALLY REALLY pissed off at ME) that I blocked out most of it.

It was my last Christmas with him in fact. That next Summer vacation was the last visit I made to him. I didn't see him again until about four years later or so. (way long story)

There you go.

I hope all of you that celebrate it have a wonderful and very merry Christmas!

Love, hugs, and kisses,

Scarlett Cyn


Mare_Imbrium said...

aw, so sorry to make you remember it then. I stopped believing in Santa when I found all our presents in a bag in the garage. :)

I had a Barbie Dream House. I remember how expensive it was, too. With three brothers it was more difficult to keep my Barbies neat (or with their heads on). The coolest thing I ever got was a biiig box from my grandmother's sister in Michigan chock full of old Barbie stuff from when my mom and her cousins were little. Furniture, clothes, Barbies. The best was a Ken that had an Elvis jumpsuit. I wish I still had that stuff.

Have a Merry Christmas!

cheryl b. said...

Look at you with all your colors! The assistant manager went on vacation so I've been covering her shifts, IT SUCKS! 11 hours a day with whiney high school kids on christmas break and a piece of shit computer system that keeps crashing, not so much fun.
P.S. I almost peed my pants at your Irish Girl joke, thanx!