Santa, etc…

I saw Santa Claus tonight in Bahrain. (for those of you wondering, NO, I was not drunk... unfortunately.)

I guess I have to believe in him again, now don't I?

While driving down a dark road, thinking about not much at all (and WAAY too much at the same time) from my location in the passenger seat tonight I eventually noticed the car in front of us for no reason other than the fact that the interior light was on.

Yeah, so what, right?

I turned my unfocused eyes into the car and noticed someone with longish wavy white hair driving. Wearing red. And a red hat.

Yes dear readers. It would seem that Santa has gotten fed up with those damn moody reindeer and all their games and traded in his sleigh for a sleek white 2004 Honda Civic. (It's called City here) And I SAW HIM!

I'm serious. Santa Claus was driving the car and, as I watched, flipped open his cellphone and let his fingers do the walking. I reiterate, I was not drunk, but at this point was beginning to wish I was! (still am wishing in fact) We followed Santa for a while until he reached his destination. The watchman at the compound laughed his ass off when he saw Santa Claus behind the wheel.

I don't blame him.

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

Later tonight, while visiting Daddy J, the father of the triplets who had some mutual friends over, Santa came up again, but in the oddest way.

Daddy J and his friends had been drinking, so everyone was pretty silly by this point. I wanted a drink, but am not really into Chivas Regal or Smirnoff, so I just nursed a soda. Never mind, I'm fun even without alcohol.

Started talking about CPR and techniques which in turn led to us talking about Daddy J's opinion that turkeys are really just inflated chickens ...again, which somehow had me explaining the term for male chicken is Cock, which made the conversation go completely downhill from there, cause then the discussion began about how to inflate the male chickens? Giving the Cock a blow*job to inflate it, which made us laugh all the harder (pun SO not intended there) etc… and then Daddy J, 3 sheets to the wind and then some, looked at Z, and from out of nowhere slurred at him:"ya know? FUKKIT. I wanna buy a Santa suit next year and stick your ass in it." We all stared at him in shock... and then he continued " No? Well then,I'll dress your crazy mom up in it ( his grandmonster in law) and she can freaking play Santa." My reply? "Great. Arianna's gonna look at that and say "What the? Santa is a freaking midget and speaks Persian?" which got everyone laughing. (no dear, Santa isn't a midget, he's a TROLL!)

What came out of Z's mouth next had all of us screaming with laughter and me doubled over laughing uncontrollably. Z said "Noooo, not really a midget/Troll. You mean Santa is a TRANSVESTITE?" All of us ----- staring at Z----- "TRANSVESTITE????"

Me: "Santa's – gasp!!!-a drag – gaaaassssspppp!!!! - queen! Santa's a drag queen!!!!!"

I had a slight problem after that which had me still cracking up. Because now, I had the song "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" in my head.

I wish Santa would leave me a nice big bottle of Amaretto di Sarreno. I've been a good girl this year. Check your list. Come ON Santa! I didn't say that you're a tranny. My HUSBAND did. Leave his ass the coal, not me!

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