A Sentimental Feeling

First, I'd like to say yet again, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

It's time for me to stick my turkey in the oven and get to work. But first, I have a little post for you I'd like to share.

Today I recieved an email from a wonderful friend that I love to bits who lives on the other side of the world that got me all choked up. He is a great person and a former co-worker of mine here from Bahrain, but is now in Canada freezing his butt off.

It was so very sweet. I just had to post a piece of it it here on my blog so that it is here as a part of my memories.

When we worked together, Sergiy gave me the nickname Diamond. I never really knew why other than he thought I was a bad ass rocking Exec Secretary. (He also loves my cooking and all I have to do is mention either potato salad or caramelized bananna cake, and he will be moved to tears and extreme craving) Anyway,soon he stopped calling me my name altogether and just called me Diamond.

Sometimes, Sergiy would come hang out in my office, since he was a manager of a different division and had the luxury of being able to do it if he felt like it. He would tell me jokes and stories from his time of insanity during his mandatory military service with the Russian Army. These stories are freaking hilarious and Sergiy is so damn funny, especially how animated he is too! He is only one year older than I am, so we have a lot in common age wise as well. He was there for me as a friend the day I found out that my Uncle Bob died suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was a wreck and he was very kind.

Sergiy moved out of Bahrain three years ago when his Canadian residency came through. I miss him. He was so much fun to talk to and be around. To me, good friends are like Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and Pearls. (and I love me some jewellry, y'all! Yes indeedy!)

So, today, on a day when I was actually feeling kind of rotten and missing my friends and family and Christmas back home, ok, really sad and like one of Santa's lumps of coal, I had an email addressed to "My Diamond" from Sergiy. Between all his tipsy greetings marinated with too much good red wine and stuffed to the gills with turkey and his looking forward copious (read: more than you could ever imagine ingesting, cause he IS from Ukraine after all!) amounts of Smirnoff vodka Christmas Day, he said this to me:

"God bless you for all the fun that you are to me, for all your loving heart, for your kindness and for being a diamond (it's hard to be the most illustrious, shiny and sparkling all at the same time, but you are!)."

I dont' know if he will ever see this post or not. So I can say only this:

"Thanks a million Sergiy. You're a really wonderful person and friend.

Merry Christmas and lots of love, Diamond"

Now, it's time for me to go make my turkey everyone and watch Arianna's new DVD HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN!

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Ollie said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, doll. I hope you have a wonderful day!!