Inquisition Confession – Week 14

Welcome one, welcome all.

I will cut to the chase today, hmmm? I mean, Catrina sounded hungry if you ask me because she asked this:

Question: Do you know how to cook samboosa?

Funny thing you should ask me that. I was making cheese samboosas last night! Also I made vegetable ones. It's funny because I don't make them all that often so imagine my surprise when I read your question, hmmm? They weren't those big ass Punjabi ones that are HUGE or anything, but the regular small ones.

So, yeah babe, I sure do. And Cat? You just HAD to ask me that samboosa question, didn't you? (private joke)

Now on to Cheryl b. This is probably the hardest question you've ever nailed me with my dear. You know that? Jeez.

Cheryl asked me:

Tell us about the animal that you have loved the most in your life. Not your favorite type of animal, but your favorite animal specifically.

I honestly thought long and hard on this question because that is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. I love and have loved all of my animals for different reasons. Each one is really like a person; different in their own way with their own unique personalities. So, as I was thinking on your question, Cheryl, I realized I really can't pick just one. If you look at it like this, I have had about 50-60 kids in my life at least. (Yeah, I have a great capacity for love)

To help explain why such high numbers, Z and I were Persian cat breeders back home. We had a lot of kittens come and go. I am also extremely possessive of my 'things'. We stopped with the breeding part of it because, well frankly, I can't keep them ALL, you know? Even though I wanted to and we were always disagreeing on who to keep and who to sell. Not good. I have a soft heart and would cry when they left, Z on the other hand is not so soft hearted like I am.

All that being said. I will narrow it down to the most dear off the top of my head, hmmm? That would be Heidi and Princess. Dog and cat respectively.

I don't think I have ever adored and loved a dog like my mom's (ok, and mine, sorta, but really? Mama's) red short-haired mini-Dachshund , Heidi. She is a beautiful and elegant and extremely intelligent little lady, that Heidi-deidi. (Yea yeah, that's my nickname for her) Mama got her my senior year of High School as a puppy. Heidi is the first dog I actually lived with full time and Heidi and I were and are close.
Mom got another doxie a few years later, a boy, Otto, and while he is cute and sweet and all? I don't love him like I do Heidi. I love him, but, not like that.

Heidi and I are so close. When I was pregnant with Arianna Mom got really sick and was in and out of hospitals a lot. Heidi, if Mama wasn't around, refused to eat or drink. Twice a day I had to go over to Mama's while she was in the hospital and feed her and let her out to go potty or take her for a walk. Otto? He will eat ANYTIME. But not Heidi. I would go over and I could hear he whimpering from the sidewalk as I came up the driveway walking.

As my tummy got bigger as my pregnancy advanced, Heidi would come up on the sofa next to me and rest her chin on my stomach and just stare at me and make that special noise (like a sigh and whimper all rolled in one) that she only made for me and mama when she was happy. I would laugh because there poor Heidi was resting with me and Arianna would kick her so I would watch her head bounce up and down.

When Arianna was born Heidi became obsessed with her. She would go apeshit whenever I brought her over and do happy dances all over the place….. until Otto tried to prance over and say hello. Then she would beat his ass all over the living room then stand guard in front of Ari's carrier growling at him until he got the hint that "This baby is MINE!!! (ROWWRRRRR) Piss off pipsqueak and Don't come near her!". Otto, being the doofus he is, kept on trying.. and kept on getting his poor ass beaten by Heidi.

If Heidi wasn't around Ari and she cried for any reason, that dog would race hell for leather barking till she reached Ari and jump up and check her while waiting for us to jump like trained seals. She looked concerned about the crying, not irritated. Arianna had inherited her own little watchdog.

Heidi is still alive but almost completely grey now. And you know what? If I talk to her on the phone or she smells my scent on something I've sent my Mom? She still makes that "I love you" noise she makes for me.

The same school year we got Heidi, about 6 months earlier I was given a cat Mama named Princess. This was my first cat in about 8 years. I was given Princess by my then-but-not-for-long boyfriend, Bill. Bill got on my last damn nerve (and Mama's too, for the record) and the best thing about Bill was the cat he gave me.

He took me to pick her up from her mother and siblings. Princess was the ONLY black and white cat in a litter of 7 cats. Everyone else AND the mama were grey tabby cats.

I adored Princess and so did Mama, who had insisted for YEARS "NO PETS!" Mom named her, I tried names, but she answered to Princess and so she was named.
This cat and I were inseparable. What I loved about Princess? Was that she was a real talker. She was also frighteningly smart. She knew where her food was kept and every morning, we would find that she had swung the cabinet door open like "hint hint sukahs!" She would wait in my bedroom window for me to come home, meowing her soft meow maow through the glass, then be meowing for me waiting at the door the second my key hit the lock, walking alongside me all the way through the house with her steady stream of conversation.

Every night, we had routine, too. I would get in bed, and then it was cuddle time. She would come and lay between my arm and body and make 'paddycake' for at least a HALF AN HOUR and saying softly, in almost a whisper 'maow maooow" till we both conked out.

When I got married, mama couldn't bear to lose me and Princess in one go, (and Z didn't really like Princess anyway because she wasn't a pedigree cat), so mama kept Princess with her.

Princess never forgave me for that. I would go visit EVERY SINGLE DAY and when she saw me, she would literally turn her back on me and ignore me. She wouldn't let me hold her much either. She was never the same. Sometimes she would sneak up behind me on the sofa and sit, but never like we were before.

It broke my heart.

Perhaps what is the most endearing or ironic is that my Princess developed Ovarian Cysts… just like ME. Yeah, Princess was infertile too. Poor cat would go into a full heat (I mean calling and pedaling and backing up on anything she could, including YOUR ANKLE, a chair leg, ANYTHING-I don't do that tho, for the record!)once a month, every month until we diagnosed her, tried to get her pregnant with a male cat, but it didn't work, and we finally got her spayed.

Even stranger? Is that Heidi has developed Mama's same exact heart problem. (And it isn't very common, either). Every day Mama and Heidi take their heart medication.

Weird, huh?

This week Mare asked me a multi-level question all related to the same thing because, well, she missed out last week, she says:

What do you think about strip clubs? Have you ever been to one for either sex? What do you think about husbands/s.o.'s going, getting lap dances, etc. Would you go to a strip club with an s.o. where women were stripping?

I don't usually consider or thing about strip clubs, actually. I've never been to an actual strip club for either sex, per se. Although, as mentioned in last weeks Inquisition by Catrina, we were at a dance club where gay men would get up on a stage and dance, but it wasn't a real strip club and I was with Z, for whatever that was worth. I'd probably have fun at a Chippendale's type place though if I went with some girlfriends, although I wouldn't necessarily be one to suggest going. (I don't think I would be one of those shrieking types though! That's just not me.)

Don't think I'd be too comfortable going to a strip club with a s.o. where women were stripping or giving lap dances but I guess it's better than having him go by himself and wondering what the hell went on, isn't it? I'm not really one for sharing my 'toys' though, if that's any indication?

I mean, I'd much rather be giving my s.o. the lap dance myself! And yes, I would SO do that!!

Thank you all for reading through my sometimes rather long-winded answers to the quesitons some of you seek.

Until my next post, I bid you all adieu.

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