Sharing Is Caring

Or so I've been told. What it comes down to is this:

What I saw watching TV last night just HAS to be shared with my readers. Full stop.

See, I had heard that such a thing existed from a fellow blogger on her blog, but honestly? You have to hear, or in my case, see it, to believe it. Actually, in my case, I read about it first a couple of months ago, but couldn't really decided if it was a joke or not, then last week I HEARD it on the local radio station and was, well, astounded. So last night was the final nail in the coffin for me.

See, last night while innocently channel surfing through my collection of music channels (I love the Italian ones best!) on the satellite dish, I saw William Shatner's -that's Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship USS Enterprise or T.J. Hooker for those of you scratching your heads in confusion- new music video. *screams:"My Eyes!!! MY EYES!!!!!!"*

Yeah. A video. For a song. (sorta) It's kind of beatnik jazz and he is basically reciting poetry over it, but still. Dude has a record out, it is getting AIRPLAY on local radio in the middle of nowhere (ie: where I live) and..... AND the video (zzzzZZZZzzzZzZzzzzZZZZZ) is getting airplay on European music channels. Just so you know, his single is called "It Hasn't Happened" and my hearing is yet intact.

While watching the video like a deer caught in the headlights with the most STUPID look on my face I am QUITE sure, I noticed something that kind of tickled me. The woman singing in the background of what was actually fairly decent music ruined by the drone of Captain Kirk, well, the woman.. it sounded JUST LIKE the 'singing' on the themesong to Star Trek. I'm serious. hahahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Just thinking about my realizing that cracks me up.

What I still can't belive is that my nice and reliable (and frankly? Most often are damn gorgeous too!) Italian VJ's, who usually play such a fantastic broad range of GOOD (keyword here people: GOOD) music stooped to playing this.

If it were German VJ's or DJ's, then I could totally understand. I mean come ON! The German music loving public dies, absolutely DIES for David Hasselhoff. (I have seen record stores in Germany in person, and I tell the truth. Rows upon rows of David Hasselhoff CD's. His concerts Sell out in minutes. Google it if you don't belive me. Go on.)

First Knight Rider and then Captian Kirk. Who the hell is next, The Terminator? Maybe J.R. Ewing.

Good Lord above. It is sad beyond belief.

Has anyone else heard this? Don't let me suffer alone.. .please!


Kris said...

What about Regis Philbin's CD? That's scary too.

Catrina said...

Or Andy Griffith.

Ollie said...

Oh, I know about it. I stood at the little booth at Plan 9 records in Richmond, Virginia, listening to the entire album, giggling like an idiot. He does duets with respected singers on his album. I love it. I have to love it because it feeds the irony demon in my head.

Leonard Nimoy's works are just as good.

Indigo Wolf said...

I've heard about it. How lame. I'm sorry you had to be totured with his crap.
-Carrie Jo