A Revelation

Oh yes indeedy. I understand it so clearly now.

I totally and completely get something that I didn't understand before.

See, during my Jerry Springer viewing, I've noticed that some of the audience members, the females, instead of asking a question, ask Jerry if they can go touch -rub-Steve's head.

Steve is a BIG Bald Security guy, for those of you that don't watch it.

Steve always lets them come up and rub his baldness. I just didn't get it.

Until tonight.

Tonight, my friends came over, the guys, one of which -A-was in Phuket when the Tsunami hit last month. It was the first time I had seen him since he returned. I was so happy to see him home safe and sound I gave him a HUGE squeezy hug and a bunch of kisses on his face. For the record, A is bald as an egg. Naturally. I think naturally bald might be different. Anyhow, this guy is one of Z's best friends since childhood and I'm super comfortable with him. He is the guy that ever since he met me almost 10 years ago has said fairly regularly "Divorce this asshole *motions to Z* and marry ME instead!" , always remembers my birthday and takes us out for it or anniversary dinners,or gives me Birthday cards or Christmas cards adressed to "My beautiful wife, love, your second husband-A". He's funny that way. (My Mom knows him too and loves him to bits!)

So, as the night progresses, and we are all sitting talking and whatnot... I'm sitting next to him and I look over at him and I say, "Hon, I've just GOT to do this!" and then I reach over and rubbed the top of his bald head.

For the record? Soft as a baby's butt. Has anyone ever stroked the bridge of a cat's nose? It's softer. Just like a baby's butt or cheek (face).

I did it twice more later on. I couldn't resist. He just chuckled.

Curious little thing, aren't I? To quote my favorite TV character EVER, Samantha Stevens (Bewitched)......


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