Sweet and Satisfying

Some things make you think to yourself "Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?"

You all know I love critters in general and my cats in particular. (Yes, this includes the cats in the yard that have decided I'm their adoptive Mama and stand on the stairs meowing for me) Normally, I wouldn't balk about this, but damn people!! I have had a damn migrane for DAYS now, so bad that I am constantly nauseated. (So bad in fact, that I was gagging/retching in my sleep this morning when Z sprayed on his cologne before heading out the door. Yes, he yet lives.... but it was a near thing.)

For the record, I would just like to point out that when you have a migrane and not feeling too hot in general, plus a sick child that you are carting back and forth to the doctor for injections, it would be a really good idea to somehow manage to disabuse your spouse of the notion that RIGHT NOW some of the cats have to get bathed. Not later.. but NOW. (Not that it worked for me or anything. I just thought it would be nice of me to try to help others.)

Why you may ask? Because, when MY husband gets it in his head to do so, that means that maybe he might wash them (with your assistance, naturally) that translates to ME DOING THE BLOWDRY in addition to helping out with the bath to ensure the cats survive it. (he is heavy handed and forgets that they are, OH, Pregnant.). And yes, they must be blowdried. Long hair not dried properly = tangles from hell + damn cold temps = sick cats= hi vet bills. No ffing thank you.

So yeah, we washed and blowdried a couple of cats last night. Thanksforasking.

Fortunately, I talked him out of all 5 in one shot and down to the two most pregnant instead. Angel was pretty bad off. Whew. Angel is all happy she is clean now, strutting around with her tail held high when not flopping in the middle of my persian carpets for an impromptu grooming session or nap. (A proud one she is. She loves baths! Weirdo.) and Scarlett? Well, she's all clean and fluffy too, but wasn't particulary thrilled with the whole experience. Well! I had a program on Henry VIII to watch so rushed him through it and that was my excuse for only two! Jeez. (btw, the program on Hallmark channel was EXCELLENT!5 stars+!)

Then, I couldn't take seeing Max and Sigfreid, my boys, kinda messed up in comparison, so today? I tackled them. Max? Looks like a TEDDY BEAR. He is roughly the size and WEIGHT of a Cocker Spaniel. It's muscle, not fat. Sigi was a nightmare as USUAL but he looks so cute and clean. Isis is left for a bath, but I am not insane NOR do I have a death wish. When I told Z today that I left Isis for him, he had one reply. "Oh. SHIT." Heh. Vengence is mine for the migrane torture yesterday. HA!

SO. I mentioned that Angel, aka Homeland Security, is very happy to be all clean and fluffy. She is also HUGELY PREGNANT. We are talking GINORMOUS HERE PEOPLE! Hell and she isn't due until around the 28th of this month by our calculation. Ie: gonna get bigger folks! And? She was stuck to Arianna like glue tonight. She knows when Ari doesn't feel well. Even last night. Ari left her blanket on the sofa and went to sleep in her room. Angel came and hopped up, sniffed the blanket, curled up next to it with her head on it and purred loud and hard till she passed out.

Anyway, Ari came to watch tv with us tonight and Angel followed and hopped up next to her on the sofa for a cuddle. Next thing I know, Angel is half sprawled across Ari's lap just staring at her! This is really something to see, when poor Angel is SO DAMN BIG that when she lays on her side, her tummy looks like a mountain of white fur and her big butterscotch eyes show that she is.... weary. Ari was initially petting her head which was cute. But then? I watched my daughter slowly, tentatively, and gently stroke down Angel's most likely sore-as-hell back and rest her hand on her distended tummy.

What was beautiful was the look of wonder and joy on my baby's face when she felt the kittens move against her palm. I know just how she felt. Even me, at 33, *shudder*when I feel the kittens move against my hand or watch her tummy bounce moves me. The look of awe on Arianna's face was something else. Poor Angel just layed there, half on Ari's lap staring at her upside down until something on TV caught her intrest (yes, the cat loves TV.), then back to Ari again.

I'm glad that I have taught Arianna a love of animals.Z likes some animals also, but only pedigree ones. Me? I just love critters, and thankfully, so does my baby. She has no fear of big dogs either (like her dad). She brazenly walked right up and started petting a HUGE English Mastiff at a house we were looking at last week. (Ok. Well, right after I started petting him. I guess she figured he didn't rip my arm off yet, so he was ok!) In fact, he followed us everywhere and ended up flopping on the floor on Ari's feet for a belly scratch.

She didn't like the house at all.... but asked if we could have the dog instead. Heh. That's my girl.


cheryl b. said...

Not so much a question, but tell us about the animal that you have loved the most in your life. Not your favorite type of animal, but your favorite animal specifically.

Ollie said...

Migraines SUCK. You are a champion to endure cat bathing with one. I hope it disappears soon.

Mare_Imbrium said...

questions, questions...hmm.
What do you think about strip clubs? Have you ever been to one for either sex? What do you think about husbands/s.o.'s going, getting lapdances, etc. Would you go to a strip club with an s.o. where women were stripping?

I know, that's a lot of questions. At least they're all related. I didn't do one last week anyway, I need to catch up.

Catrina said...

Question: Do you know how to cook samboosa?