Inquisition Confession - Week 25

Welcome to this week's delayed Inquisition Confession. Thank you all for being so patient. It was an insanely crazy week at work. Anyway, I must admit I received an interesting array of questions this time around! Take a look:

Catrina, you asked me a good one, that, I honestly felt bad answering, until Z acted like an asswipe the whole day-ie: today- that is supposed to be our ONE family day together with our daughter, so, in answer to your question:

Does Z still have all his hair?

The answer is: doesn't he wish? No. He has a ton in the back of his head that is soft as silk, but it is very thin on top now. You can see serious scalp, and he hates it, probably because he has such a big ole head. His hair is still that pretty deep chocolate brown though. He is absolutely dying to do a some type of hair grafting. Also, Mr. Z barely has any wrinkles either at almost 41, but that could very well be because he loves – and men, take note!- alpha hydroxy cream and uses it religiously on the borderline of fanatically every single day. He just has a faint smattering of crinkles at the corners of his eyes and his skin is baby soft.

Now then, Cheryl b thinks she asked me a lame question, but it would only be lame if I wasn't really in to the wholeHarry Potter phenomon, which I just happen to be! Books, movies, everything. In fact, Arianna and I sat today and plunked Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the DVD player and had a good ole time watching it together. So, Cheryl asked me this:

If you were a teacher at Hogwarts what would you teach?

Ooooh, I could SO fit in at Hogwarts - if I was a witch and had those talents, that is!- so I would have to say it's a toss up between Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. I also like the whole Transfiguration thing too, imagine! I could let my students practice on Monster! Whoot! All day long I could watch her turning from a bullfrog to a snake, to a rat, to a spider,to a fly, to an ardvark, to a squirrel.... ahhh, the possiblities are endless.

I'm curious about my readers. If YOU could be a teacher at Hogwarts, what would y'all teach? In order to help you decide, I've included this handy dandy little link for ya! Wasn't that nice of me?

Mare Imbrium said this, this week:

Okay. We can see you're not shy, and you're not messy...so what's your secret weakness (like kryptonite, maybe)? Do you procrastinate? Do you get distracted easily (that would be mine) or something like that? Sorry, that's all I can come up with.

Hey Mare, does French bread count? I'm a sucker for French bread. Proper French bread. With real creamy butter. *drool*. Um, no, I guess that doesn't count.

Ummm, let me see… I'd have to say that I do tend to get distracted somewhat easily, but just as often, I can be strangely focused as well. I used to be one hell of a procrastinator, but I've gotten so burned by being like that, that I'm much better now. I still sometimes procrastinate doing the one thing at work that I hate… filing. Which I always find strange, because I'm such a control freak and so organized that filing would naturally fall into that, but sometimes, I can let the filing pile up a bit (in organized piles, mind you) but then, as if I get a bee up my a*s or something, I will file like MAD one day and re-organize everything while I'm at it! Weird, I know.

I'd have to say my biggest weakness is daydreaming. Maybe because I am such a visual person, I'm not sure. But I'm a kid who always had written on their report cards, and notes from teacher "Cyn is habitually daydreaming in class and has been caught staring dazedly out the window". My answer when confronted with that was a sheepish look paired with "but the class was BORING". I can't begin to tell you the number of times I was moved from my window seat in school. Too bad the teacher didn't realize that it wasn't necessarily the window distracting me and that isn't what was needed for me to daydream or be distracted. Far from it. Hell, I could zone out on the pattern on my folder or the shirt of the guy sitting in front of me!

God help me if I had a really good descriptive textbook in something I liked like Science or History. If the history story was interesting to me, I'd be picturing the text like a movie in my head. (told you I'm a visual person, now didn't I?)

Another thing. I’m the last person who can sit in a lecture or conference. It has to be a very dynamic speaker to hold my attention, because otherwise? I get drowsy. This gave me serious problems in High School and College particularly. Not to mention seminars I've attended in my adult life. I think that is one of the reasons I like watching Bill Clinton give speeches. He is a very good, and dynamic speaker. He holds my attention, an impressive feat, I must admit.

How's THAT for Kryptonite, babycakes?

Carrie Jo asked me sometihng that was actually much more difucult to answer than I originally imagined it would be, if only because for my whole life I am used to putting others first, waaaay before me. Here it is:

If you had just ONE wish that you were required to use for yourself (no world peace or ending world hunger wishes), what would it be (beside Monster moving to Antarctica)?

Actually Carrie Jo, hell if I know. Let me think now....

How about money? Yeah, at the risk of sounding totally materialistic, and since you took away my world peace, and disappearing Monster options, I guess I have to go for money.

I wouldn't want to be Bill Gates rich, not by a long shot, but, I would wish for a never empty, interest-free bank account. That way I could always use whatever money I wanted, when I wanted it, and not have to worry about not having it, or too little.

At least I wouldn't have to work if I didn't want to, and I could travel and see all the places I've always wanted to see. Monster and her money lovin children could kiss my white ass, cause I'd be the one with the bucks then! (Severely materialistic people y'all). So I would do this with my bottomless pit bank account.Ahhhhh, all the things I could do. I could travel, as previously mentinoed, shop, not have to worry about paying for a top rate education for my daughter, get myself knocked up with the assistance of the finest IVF specialist in the world, THEN, get a killer tummy tuck and booby lift after I was all done breastfeeding my TWINS, while I was at it, have them do something about the part of my body I absolutely HATE.... my neck. then, of course, more shopping. (Did I mention that another kryptonite for me is jewellery? I love jewellery. Bring on the pretties!!!!) I'd buy myself a house in Ireland, and one in Scotland- a beautifully referbished castle, preferably! and custom build myself my dream house in the US. buy a couple of lovely cars. I'd buy a nice fat life-insurance policy on myself and make Arianna and the twins my beneficiaries so they would be set for life-just in case.

Hows that Carrie Jo? (you know I'd take you on some of my vacations, now dontcha? I just couldn't mention it up there, since you specified it had to be for ME!)

Well, that's about it for my answers this week. Until my next "I'm SO gonna blog THIS!" moment, I'm signing out.

Ta-ta my lovlies!


cheryl b. said...

Since the position of Professor Snape's love slave doesn't seem to be available I would choose Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology. I'm reading the books again in preperation for the new one in July and am having a hard time thinking about anything else.

cheryl b. said...

His hair moved the first time, lets try this again.

cheryl b. said...

It did it again, that's weird....