Arianna Strikes Again!

Me and my big mouth!

I read in the paper today that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. Well hot damn, good for her. So, on the phone just now with Arianna, I mentioned it to her in passing, since she loves all things J.Lo. Stupid, stupid, STUPID Me. Sigh. Damn my girl has a quick intellect. (chip off the ole block!)heh. First thing out of her mouth was:

"WOW!!! That was fast.." and then, in a pitying voice "Some ladies are lucky that way, huh mom? They just - BAM!!- get pregnant in like, under 3 weeks. Lucky......" Me: "yeah, some ladies are very lucky that way."

Oh yeah, you just KNOW I feel about 3 inches tall right now, don't you? There was... PITY in her voice. For me. Pity... coming from an almost 10 year-old. There is no worse feeling than to be found somehow lacking by your own child. Not only have I been well and truly "dirked", but now, the knife twists.

Well, shit.

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