Cease Fire

Honestly, that is the most accurate way to describe it.

I had yet another talk with Arianna today. She was more... approachable. I explained to her, yet again, that I understand completely how she feels, that I felt the same way growing up.

I looked her straight in the eyes and explained that I am not a quitter, and that I'm not giving up, so for her not to give up also. That I will keep on trying until the day the doctors tell me that it is 100% impossible to try anymore because I want a baby as badly if not more so than she wants a little brother or sister. I told her that I need her support and faith. She understood that. Then I explained that I understand her frustration, that I too am frustrated, but that her lashing out at me and the snide comments doesn't help things any, and that it really hurts me. It doesn't accomplish anything and quite frankly, she knows that this kind of behaviour is and has always been unacceptable with me.

So, we have called a truce. Kissed and made up. She knows that she is my life... the very best thing I have done with my existance to date. But more importantly, she realizes that I have made my promise to her... given my word that I won't give up until there is no chance left for me. Arianna knows that I don't make promises lightly, that I don't lie once my word is given... so, it will just take her learning a bit of patience. And to my mind, that's all to the good for her.

To my dear friends from blogworld... your virtual hugs support and caring mean so very much to me. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Hopefully I'll be able to repay you all with a funny post in the next few days to lighten all our moods.

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