This is TOOO Good NOT to share!

Look, it is 1am... Z went to sleep.. but on the way to bed, he came by and handed me some notes he wanted "checked" and a disc.. he actually wanted the majority of it typed... for tomorrow morning. Not like I have to wake up at 5:30am for WORK or anything!??NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So, cussing fluently in my head, I type the notes handwritten by his boss. Until I reach one sentence. Now get this:

Instead of writing "General Sales Agent" guess what dumbass wrote??? Hmmmm?

GENETAL SALES AGENT. Well shit. This set me off into a complete fit of laughter. Foot stomping, knee slappin, hand over the mouth don't wake the daughter laughter.

Shit, I can't breathe still. So, of course, because I love you all dearly.. I had to share this with you.

My dear Genuine suggested I leave it as is, and you know what? I'm half tempted to!


PS: I know that you spell it genital... but...phonetically speaking

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