Well, I think I figured out at least part of it.

She keeps working herself up into hissyfits, then she SAYS that her blood pressure goes up. Except that she has been taken to 3 separate cardiologists in the past 10 days or so.. and all of them say the same thing... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. General concensus is she's doing it for attention. Thing is, i think she IS working herself up into like a panic attack, which the symptoms sort of mimic. Trust me, I know... I've had them and been afraid to go to sleep at night.

But why doing a 360 on me?? Then last night, I figured it out when she came and was grabbing my arm in a vise-like grip saying "IM SCARED IM SCARED!!" (you should be honey, you have some serious Karma coming your way)

See, last week, they brought the copy of her various checks on her heart and all... but between Z and his sisters.. it was like reading greek.. and MIL kept swearing that they were lying to her. The only thing they could all make out was the work NORMAL all through it..I got so fed up, that Dr.Cyn (yes me) got up and swiped the medical report and started reading... then I started explaining it in easy terms.. see, Im used to reading these reports because of my mom's heart problem and plus... I really enjoyed science and biology class in school and also reading... medical books when I was younger. I am fascinated by the way the body works. I just kinda like to know whats going on. Sooooo.... I started explaining the test results of the flow from one ventricle into a chamber of the heart, the aeortic valve blah blah blah... and explaining to all of them. That everything was perfectly normal. She is 75, heart is fine, cholestorol is perfect, and no diabetes or anything else for that matter other than a little arthritis. She doesn't know how lucky she is and I said it to the whole room when I finally ended up reading. My final comment of that evening was said nicely but firmly: "She is sitting here DEPRESSED that there is nothing wrong with her. She'd rather be dying!The she says that she IS dying and you are all lying about it. Instead of her sitting here screaming and yelling at the top of her voice that she is dying and no one is telling her the truth, she should get on her knees and thank her maker that she has reached the age she is with the excellent health she has. I wish MY parents could be so healthy!" and I walked out. So ...yet again.. the Oscar goes to..........my MIL. I swear, she will probably outlive me.

Also, I am the ONLY one that is excellent in an emergency situation. I am calm cool and focused. I may very well pass out after the fact, but during an actual situation, Im the one you want around. Z's older sister DOES have high blood pressure and when they took her to emergency... Im the one she wanted with her the whole time.

MIL also knows that I know CPR and no one else does... since she watched me perform it both on her grandaughter and on my baby kitten, which would explain why she was literally hangning off me reciting what the doctor last night told her thing by thing.. asking does it make sense or does it sound like they are lying to her. So yeah, she's being nice (for her) to me thinking that I may be the one to save her life.

Heh. Even deep in her gut, as much as she hates me, she knows that if she wants the TRUTH, Im the one to tell it.

Now isn't THAT ironic?

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