I'm Still Laughing!!

You know, I really am still snickering over this. It is one of my favorite Homer Simpson "DUH!" moments. Allow me to explain.

It cracks me up when men get so flabbergasted that they start to eat their foot and end up with the whole leg. Makes me wanna say: "So, would you like fries with that??" Bwahahahah. A prime example happened to me today.

Went to the hospital for a doctor appointement, (OK, to weasel my way OUT of a hospital stay) and since I was there, I thought I'd go literally pop my head in the neice's room that deliverd the triplets (3 stooges)and say congrats, since I'm so damn sick with this "camel hacking up a lung" cough I have. Don't want anyone getting my cooties! Now then...

I went in. Made my congrats, Hellos and Sorry I can't stay Im sick just wanted to say hello. babies are beautiful thank God they are breathing on their own..etc...blah blah, blah. Her cousin is sitting there with his wife and their 3 month old. This cousin has only seen me hanging out at his cousins house at around midnight in clothes that were 2 steps up from my pj's. SO today, when I was all gussied up, I guess he didn't recognize me right off. because he said, LOUD in front of the whole room:

"OHHHHH! That's YOU!!! I saw you downstairs... um, yeah I saw you, Hi, but I didn't think I knew you! Um, I ...um.." Then he got this OH SHIT! Look on his face and clammed up. By then everyone in the room everyone stared at him and the other men just gave him pitiful looks.. DUH! Would you like fries with that pal?

Dork. ie: I was checking you out downstairs but didn't realize I actually knew you. Typical, just typical. If he had not stumbled around the sentence, it would have been considered pretty vague... but, he didn't. But I must say it made my day, considering how sick I was feeling. made me snicker my head off all the way to the car.

Just what a woman needs every now and then...

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