Welcome to the World

I am officially Auntie Cyn to three-countem'!- THREE more babies as of about an hour ago. Yes, my neice had her triplets. 2 girls and 1 boy born at 33 weeks gestation. All three were not breathing right after birth. All three had to be recussitated. All three are breathing fine now on their own. THANK YOU GOD! I can only tell you the girls names.. Maya and Talia. The boy... well, my neice has been bandying around about a GIZILLION boys names.. so Lord only knows what she's finally decided now that he's actually here. Their size is apparently good as well. The poor pediatrician said "OH MY GOD! I became an old man tonight! I was horrified when all 3 weren't breathing!"He is a wonderful doctor with loads of experience in dealing with multiples... PLUS he is Arianna's doctor too! (and she and I are both DAMN picky!)

Im stuck at home, sick, not able to be there. Dammit. I wanna see! Sigh. Nevermind... I'm sure I'll have baby duty when they come home as they live next door to me! GOODIE!Bring em on! Lurrrve me some babies!! Wooohooo.

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