In The Twilight Zone

Something is up. My gut instinct's warning bells are SCREAMING at maximum volume and I feel that I should state it "for the record".

Monster is being..... "nice" (well, for her) to me. All of a sudden. She is even SPEAKING to me.(With me tentatively answering-problem is.. I have to be EXTREMELY wary of what I say, even the most banal reply will become twisted around. Example: I say "What a beautiful sunny day today Not a cloud in the blue sky!" It becomes: "Can you BELIEVE she said how black the sky is and it's probably going to pour for 3 days??!!!) Get the idea? So understand my alarm when,for no apparent reason,she just started talking this morning. This is SO not normal.

She's got something up her sleeve, definetly. What terrifies me is that no matter how I rack my brain, I can't imagine what it might be.

I'm not being mean. I'm speaking from first-hand experience of 15 years day in and day out with her. When she is like this there is ALWAYS an ulterior motive. Once Upon A Time, I used to think it was my imagination... but now... nuh-uh. Sadly, I just face the bald fact that: It means one of TWO things.... she is up to something, plotting and planning... OR - Heaven help me- she has done something.. in which case, I will have to wait for the proverbial shit to hit the fan and find out. God knows how long it will take too. Sometimes the plans are long-range, others.... immediate and lethal.

Either way, I'm SOOOOOOOO screwed.

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