Somebody STILL Loves Me!!!!

Ahhhh, rotten as I am feeling still *lungs wheezing and heaving* I got the most WONDERFUL surprise in my Inbox this morning that just made my day. An email from Rose, my bestest friend in Los Angeles, where I used to live up until six years ago. I thought that she too, like me, had dropped off the face of the Earth, but no! She sent me an email! Wooooooohoooo!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! My heart is happy.

Rose and I worked together. But it was more than that. We were/are like sisters. Close sisters! We spent loads of time outside of work together...getting into various mischief. We would connive at work to weasel our lunches at the same time so we could "escape". We were always snickering between ourselves. Giggling. (Grrrrrrrrrllllll!!!) After work... we'd either go shopping... or hit the mexican restaurant up the street for drinks and just kill time until the weekly staff meeting at 7pm, then go back to the meeting and try to not act inebriated! Heh. I have missed her so much for so many reasons. The hardest part of my moving away from L.A. was not so much leaving the state/country, no. It was leaving my mom and.... my friends...like Rose. In particluar my Mom and Rose.

She came to the house that last day, when I didn't know which way was up. She came into the middle of a war zone, actually. It wasn't pretty. The whole time is still a daze to me...even now.But Rose came, and sat down with me for just a few minutes and said "breathe." She brought me a little going away gift (that I still have and guard jealously) and one for Arianna,and a bit of calm to the storm. The saddest thing was watching her leave my house that day, and not knowing when I'd see her again.

So anyway, her timing now couldn't have been more strange.But then again, maybe not so strange.

Just yesterday, I was telling Z that I want to go home for a visit in October if "the planets align properly" cause.. well shit happens, you know? I mean, IF my work doesn't mind... etc..The night before that, I was thinking of Rose so much.... Rose, if you're reading this... I had cooked your FAVORITE PERSIAN FOOD! I was looking at it, remembering how I used to bring you some for lunch to work.

So now, I really hope, and wish that this trip works out for me.Well isn't this interesting? Sometimes wishes DO come true.

I IM'd Z and told him about my email surprise and he too agreed how coincedental it all was. Then he said to me a Persian quote: "Del beh Del raah dareh." Which basically means that "Two hearts joined walk together[regardless of distance between them]".

And you know, I liked the thought of that. Thanks hon.

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