Babies, Babies, Babies!

WOW! When it rains, it pours! There is a major influx of babies in my life at the moment. And I'm lovin it!

I love children and ADORE babies. I am an exhausted mothers dream visitor. I will willingly ( and usually beg her to let me)give her a break and watch the baby so that she can have a little precious time for herself. Diapers don’t intimidate me. Most children love me, and I them. I can occupy myself playing with a child(ren) for hours, and have done so. Frequently.

Yesterday, as you all know from reading my blog, my friend Genuine and his wife welcomed little Aidan James into the Genuine Clan.

Now I love babies, am enthralled by them, (hell, I’m surrounded by babies!) but little Aidan? I took one look at that little guy, and watched him kick open the door to my heart and crawl right in and make himself nice and comfy for the duration. As a matter of fact, I had a reaction to him that I haven’t had towards any child since I first beheld my own newborn daughter. I’m not ashamed –but am still shocked-to say that I felt my heart get tight in my chest and then found tears filling and then silently overflowing my eyes and course down my cheeks. (I have a feeling that Gen is gonna tease me about this forever) I’m a big softie, I know!

Now when my blog pal Lee and his wifey welcomed their lovely and oh-so-precious Jayne to the world almost two weeks ago during the Haiku Smackdown, I had a completely different,and very typical for me,although no less emotional, reaction. Every single time I look at her (cause Daddy Lee knows how I lurve to lurk on that Baby Jayne Cam!) I have this overwhelming and uncontrollable urge TO JUMP INTO MY MONITOR!!! Like an idiot I find myself making the stupid baby noises that most adults make to little babies. To. A. Monitor. Uh-huh. Sigh. Jayne is really so adorable with a beautiful big smile. Lee asked me last night on IM…. “Does it make your uterus ache?”. Ya hon, it sure as hell does! I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

*note to uterus and reproductive neighbors, the Obtuse Ovaries: can you please, PLEASE straighten your damn self up and get your act together?”

Mindy and I have commented to each other that when we descend on Denver in October, we will probably end up playing “pass the baby” together…for hours. Taking turns between Aidan and Jayne (not to mention the older children!). She is as bad as I am. Heh.

A month ago, the triplets were born in my husband’s family. I am very close with the mother of these triplets, his niece, Azeen. I was with her through every step of her IUI and her pregnancy. She and I have been close since I first met my husband almost 15 years ago. She had 2 girls, Maya and Talia, and a boy, Khalid. None of them look the least bit like the other. The boy looks exactly like his dad. Talia looks like her older sister (the 2 ½ year old Leya, my little darling love) Maya looks like Azeen. A LOT. The other night, I had wandered down the street to see how the babies are doing and help out if needed. Azeen brought in Talia, and I looked at her and noticed what a lovely little nose she has! Right about the time Azeen looked from her baby to me and back again. Then she shook her head and said, “you know, I was just thinking what a pretty nose she has, then I noticed: SHE HAS YOUR NOSE! How the hell did THAT happen?” then she started laughing! She really does! What is funny about this is that I’m not related by blood to this baby, so DNA is totally out! No one in this family has a nose remotely similar to mine. It’s really a crack up. So now when she is carrying Talia says “here is little Talia that has Auntie Cyn’s nose for some strange reason”.

Then a few days ago, Azeen’s younger sister gave birth to her second child, a boy. That she swiped the Persian name (and the ONLY one that I have EVER liked-since I HAD to choose one) I had chosen for my own son and had been holding on to for 10+ years! Yes, Z made the mistake of mentioning it once and I guess it stuck in her head. Never mind that until about 2 weeks before she delivered, the baby’s name was going to be Joshua! Sigh.

The sister between these two has a little boy, Joey, who gives me the best hugs and he is so adorable and funny as anything. He is the stockiest little boy I’ve ever seen. He and Leya are one month apart in age. He looks 4. He took a flying leap at me last week for a hug and I thought I’d been jumped on by a 4-month-old bear cub! He just likes to hang off my neck with me holding him and give me kisses over and over and hugs. Well, that and for me to sing Barney with him. Oh yeah, I could sit like that ALL DAY! I think I should nick name him Bam-Bam! Yeaaah!

Last night, Z and his mom were talking in front of me (notice I didn’t say WITH ME?) about this new little baby, with the absconded name. He asked her what his name is (cause she butchers every single name imaginable for some stupid reason, even Persian names-her own nationality- which makes NO sense). She jerked it about a bit, and then he told her for the 1000th time the proper name. She said, “Your sister ‘N’, (not the grandma of said babies) said you were sad cause they took the name you wanted and she thought it wrong. Why? Like she (points and gestures to me) is gonna have anymore? HAH! Yeah, wait for HER to get pregnant and have you a son, OR daughter for that matter.”

You know, sometimes, I really wish she would just take a kitchen knife to me –repeatedly- instead of opening her mouth. I really, really do. It’s shit like that, that makes me wish I could pop out a set of twins (one each, preferably) just to watch her eat crow. (Not that I would mind having twins, period. There’s just that little added advantage, ya know?) Z let it slip last year that I was doing infertility treatment, and I wanted NO ONE IN HIS FAMILY, other than Azeen, to know I was doing it. Could he keep quiet and respect my wishes? NO! Now, her alternate comments run something like this: “Look, even with all this doctors and medicine she can’t get pregnant. Useless. Look, MY granddaughters, 3 of em, got pregnant using this stuff, but her? Nothing.”. If she only knew that if it wasn’t for the doctors and medicines 11 years ago, she wouldn’t have Arianna either!

Are you wondering if I said anything? Well guess what? I didn’t make one peep, like usual. Because you know what? That hurt like hell, but I was dammed if I’d let her see the damage she’d done and how it hurt me.

So, for now, until my ovaries decide to obey me, IF they decide to obey me, Dr. Wand Monkey, and all those drugs I get injected in my system to HELP THEM work properly, I’ll just have to be content to be Auntie Cyn to my “nieces and nephews” scattered hither an yon on the planet.

To all of these children in my life I say this: Welcome to the world little ones! There will always be a place on my lap and in my arms, a hug, a kiss, and a song for you from me, forever!

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