The Inquisition - Week 4

Would you belive I almost forgot to post my interrogation post invite this week? Shame on me, I know!

You all know the deal. For those of you that don't (or have short term memory) a refresher: you have until 12:01am Pacific Time on Tuesday to ask me any question your heart desires. Later on Tuesday, you will have the answers you seek. Fair enough? Good.

So, come on, gimmie some questions!

And by the way? Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!


cheryl b. said...

What was your favorite halloween ever? Costume, who you were with, candy, everything. I love halloween!
P.S. your site wouldn't come up earlier, don't know why

Indigo Wolf said...

Man, I've been racking my brain all day for questions... OK, here's one:

What is the weirdest dream you ever had?
-Carrie Jo

Anonymous said...

what is ur opinion on MT. ST. Helens today? if possible maybe others opinions?