You Asked For It!

It’s that time of the week again! The time when I pick my poor brain of its memories and spew them out on my blog for your reading pleasure.

I must admit, Cheryl made me dredge the bottom of my memory for the answer to her question:

What was your favorite Halloween ever? Costume, who you were with, candy, everything. I love Halloween!

Well, the ONE Halloween that sticks out in my mind is the one when I was about 13 or so. I was this demon ghoul or some such. It sticks out cause it was the first Halloween after I got into doing theatrical makeup, so I did some cool shadowing and stuff in the hollows of my face and all. My face was all white with very dark shadows and all and I was dressed in a white sheet and I had spiked and sprayed my hair white so that it kind of looked like it was whipping in the wind, if you can imagine it. Overall good effect. The picture was appropriately ghoulish.

I went trick-or-treating with Rebecca, Natalie, and Heather. As I recall, it was a very good haul of candy that evening. People were appropriately impressed with my costume, or perhaps I should say MAKEUP.

Typically I trick-or-treated with my two cousins Sandra and Michelle who lived about 6 blocks away. We usually got shitloads of candy, which was then promptly pawed through by Uncle B, Mama, and Aunt R. that we couldn’t touch until the all-clear. Ugh. Never mind that we then proceeded to trade off what we didn’t like for what we DID like. Heh.

What really sticks out in my memory is Jack-O-lanterns. We were real into Jack-O-lanterns.

A funny story? About 2 years ago I took Arianna trick-or-treating and this one house had done so much decoration- it was really good! - and I thought it was a dummy person decoration that when it moved towards me (it was a real person lying in wait for dopes like me) I still don’t remember who screamed loudest - Arianna or Me! SHE is the one that jumped a good foot and a half off the ground though!

This year I made friends with almost every freaking dog in the neighborhood. Well, that and a lovely group of Scottish people that when they discovered my love (and Ari’s) of Scotland, they ALL proceeded to start piling handfuls of candy in Ari’s bag with an extra few lollipops “for your Mom”. Hot Damn! (I shit you not! HANDFULS, Y’all!)

Carrie Jo also got me to thinking with: What is the weirdest dream you ever had?

There are really so many. I have to actually pick one? Um, Carrie honey, does that strange dream I had last week where I was baking and I cracked an egg and it had a double yolk count? Cause it didn’t make a lick of sense to me! (Opinions anyone?)

I have lots of strange dreams. Maybe one of the weirdest was when I was pregnant with Arianna. My grandmother Mildred came to me in a dream. (Now I don’t usually dream in color, per se) but she was smiling at me, and I could hear her voice very clearly and her laugh (which I also don’t HEAR the voices in the dream as much as communicate with thoughts in my dream, like telepathy) and I could see the vivid blue of her eyes. Anyway, she was smiling and talking to me, and then laughing and holding a platinum blond baby with blue eyes which she then handed to me. (Arianna did not look like that when she was born. So who the heck was the baby? I understood it to be mine?!)

Now what was strange about that? Well, Grandmother Mildred died about 4 years or so before I was even born, so I'd never met her, unfortunatlely. Also? I’ve never heard her voice nor seen a color picture of her. When I described it to my Mom, the voice and the eye color, I was pretty much right on.

Another similar dream was Z’s father came to me in a dream also. He was trying to show me something in my asshole boss’s office in a cupboard… something he was trying to keep hidden or a secret. He kept going to this cabinet door and opening it. I kept “asking” what he was getting at, and he looked frustrated until I started getting it. Kind of like playing charades, I guess. Then when I understood what he wanted me to know, (that A.A. the asshat was hiding things) he gave me a smile and looked pleased with me. I woke with the feeling that he was trying to protect me somehow.

I never met Z’s father either. He died the same day and year as my Grandmother Mildred.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other strange dreams. I’m sure there are some though. Although, the one about the freaking shark chasing me ON LAND (all right, on a raised pier) and trying to get at me through a door last week was a doozy. It was right in my face too.

Did I mention I DESPISE SHARKS? Well, now I did.

And oh, by the way, I have yet another strange tale to share.

Tonight, in almost pitch dark but for the streetlights, Z and I saw yet another Bahraini Redneck beat-up car doing weird shit. You are NEVER gonna believe this. (Well, Mahmood might)

The car was driving real slow with only it’s fog lights on off to the side of an off ramp (Mahmood, going towards Sanabis, the new one) and Z said “LOOK AT THAT!” I stared in shock.

The car, white and beat all to hell, had a dog, that looked like a Pitbull, trotting alongside it. ON. A LEASH.PEOPLE. The leash was clamped in the shut drivers door with the dog trailing (attached) alongside it. WHAT THE F*CK??????????

That is probably the laziest shit I have EVER seen in my LIFE. Gawd, it wasn’t THAT hot out tonight at all! In fact, it wasn’t warm, and there was even a bit of a breeze. Jeez. Boy did I get pissed off on the doggie’s behalf.

Only in Bahrain!

Thanks ladies for the questions this week!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I've seen and heard of dogs being treated like this in Bahrain. On enquiring I found out that these are "fighting dogs"! They bring them primarily from Pakistan with cut ears and tails and put them through their strength training, like the incident you saw, then they go into a pre-arranged place, normally a palm grove where they empty the irrigation pool and throw the dogs in the empty pool to fight to the death.

It is disgusting, and it IS illegal, but they say - and as I have never gone to any of these entertaining episodes, nor will I ever - that some "quite high up" and "well connected" people get up to this mischief. The object of the game of course is gambling.

They also do cockfights and various other unsavory rituals.

cheryl b. said...

Didn't you say a while back that someone had a dream or something where you had twins? Then you dream about a double-yoked egg, coincidence? I think not.