More Deep Thoughts

Yeah right! Since when? (Oh allright! I occasionally do get all deep and introspective and all that jazz on you. But not today. Oh no!)

No. Because I have had one thought running through my brain today over and over again ever since I got back from my manicure/pedicure appointment.

Look how nice, clean, soft and silky, not to mention pretty and pampered my feet and toes look with their blood red shiny painted toenails!! Which led to the next thought..........

My toes are all prettied up and no one to suck on them. *pout*

WHAAAAAAAAAAT?????? Don't go and wonder where that came from. Remember The Inquisition question last week? Well, it would seem I am seriously missing out here, and I have it on the highest authority that it is better than sliced bread, the wheel, wine and a fine meal, not to mention a few other things I will refrain from mentioning.

Yes, it remains to be seen, Cheryl b, Carrie Jo, and my special friend have brainwashed me BIGTIME. Now I'm all sad. Look what you girls have started!! I mean really! The foot massage that I got with the pedicure was nice, but.... well........ you've made me all curious and stuff now. You have NO IDEA what I'm like when I'm curious but to give you a hint? To say I have a highly inquisitive nature is a bit of a freaking understatement. Z is SO not helpful, the rat. *sigh, wiggles toes*

Speaking of the Inquisition! Whip out those quetions babies! As is? I'm wracking my brain for a Halloween memory for Cheryl b.


cheryl b. said...

I would sooooo suck on your pretty toes!When are you moving back to the states?;)

Indigo Wolf said...

Maybe you should suck on Z's toes first (after a shower of course). When he sees how good it feels, he might be willing to do it to you. If not, threaten to get yourself a man-whore to do it ;o)
-Carrie Jo