I have been noticing a very strange occurance while driving lately. It seems that, I'd say, about 80% of the people I see in my rearview mirror are picking their noses.

And not just the unobtrusive style picking of the nose either. I mean, if they dig any deeper they might be mining diamonds, or drilling for oil. This morning I saw a guy behind me with half his index finger crammed, hook style up his nostrils, first one, then the other-over and over again. Apparently it was a particulary stubborn booger. 7am is WAAAY too early for me to see this. (traffic was like a parking lot, so not too much else to do particulary when I almost got rear-ended by the nose picker who was too busy drilling his schnozz to hit the brakes!)

Actually, any time of day is the wrong time for me to see this. Then imagine this dude goes to work and shakes hands with people? My boss is a compulsive hand shaker. I wonder if he also is a nose picker?

OMIGOD! Somebody pass me the Lysol Spray, QUICK! and while you're at it, post me some questions!

Meanwhile, I'll go wash my hands with scalding water.

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cheryl b. said...

Last week I caught Xavier with his finger in his nose and told him to stop picking his nose. He told me, "I'm not picking my nose, I'm just getting the boogers out".