Here are a few things that give me a 'feel good' feeling, sure to get my undivided attention, and bring a smile to my face and a happy, peaceful feeling:

  • The sight of a big jet plane taking off from a runway in the distance. I've been fascinated with planes since I was a toddler. "Mama, Daddy, AIPANE! AIPANE!!!" was commonly heard from me even if I only heard one overhead.
  • A BIG flag - any flag basically- rippling and undulating in the wind.
  • Windows down in the car, my face leaning into the wind-preferably with me in the passenger seat so I can close my eyes and enjoy it. I'm such a dog, huh?
  • A sunset
  • A soft breeze caressing my face and blowing through my hair
  • Wiggling my bare toes in springy grass
  • The laughter of a small child; the giggle of an infant
  • A hug from my daughter
  • The feel of a baby in cuddled close in my arms
  • Remembrance of a kiss full of passion
  • The sound of bagpipes
  • Dolphins
  • Waves lapping or crashing on the shore
  • The beauty of a waterfall
  • An email from a friend I haven't heard from in a while
  • A new commenter on my blog
  • A song on the radio that reminds me of someone special in my heart
  • Being in a church - an instantaneous feeling of peace, calm, and warmth seeping through me from head to foot, like warm honey.
  • The purring of a cat (surprise, surprise!)
  • Floppy doggy and bunny ears- I've just GOT to touch and play with them, too!

What are some of yours?

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cheryl b. said...

The ocean, I could sit and watch it all day feeling the sand beneath my bare feet. We're planning on moving this summer to the Washington coast and I am so exited.