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Hi there everyone! All I can say is SHIT. So Happy It's Thursday! Yeeeeeee-haawwwww!! Here Thursday is like Friday everywhere else. WHOOOOT. A big shout out to one of my favoritest people in the whole world for helping me find an appropriate tagline for Thursdays on short notice. That's what a friend will do for you, yep! (By the way, SHUT UP about favoritest not being a real word. It is today.) heee. Thanks darlin, you're the BEST!

Sorry for the delay, but things have been crazily hectic at work the last couple of days and I’ve dragged myself home completely exhausted. Too exhausted, sadly, to even glance at my home PC to post my answers. I’m sure you all can say “Been there, done that!” and understand.

So, without further ado, lets cut to the chase, shall we?

Cheryl b asked:

If it was up to you what would Arianna be when she grows up? And none of this "she can be whatever she wants to be". I KNOW that you will let (and help) her to do what it is that SHE wants. What does she currently want to do with her life?

Of course you are right Cheryl b, I will let and help her do what SHE wants to do with her life (well, as long as it’s legal!). She is actually at that age, 10 ½ where she is back and forth about what she wants to do.

She already talks about going to college, which she wants to do back home in the US, but not necessarily what subject she wanted to persue. She even had planned to go to live in my Nana’s house-which belongs currently to my Aunt Arlene- in Long Island (Nana passed away almost 10 years ago) and maybe go to Stonybrook University which is 5 minutes from the house. Then one day last year she caught me kind of upset after I read an email from my aunt that she was considering selling the property. I’ve got a lot of nostalgia and memories in that house. My father helped build it with his own hands when he was 18-19 years old. His step-father’s (Aunt’s dad) thumb is in the foundation even! Arianna looked at me all sad and said “That SUCKS mom! I hope not. Cause then where are we gonna stay when I’m in college?” This is when I heard her whole master plan. I must say I was quite impressed that she had things this deeply thought out. She has mentioned several times she’d like to be a scientist or perhaps something in the medical field. I mentioned that maybe if she decided to go into medicine that she might like to consider something in the reproductive field, seeing as how I fight with infertility and she herself is a result of it, and if there wasn’t these medicines and doctors, I wouldn’t even have her. She thought it a valid point to consider and she got it right off. “That way Mom, I can help people have kids that have problems like you and some of your friends.”

Precisely darling!

That being said, about six months or so ago, she told me in the car (for some reason, she loves having deep conversations when it is just me and her in the car) “Mom, if I tell you what I want to be when I get older, you promise you won’t get mad?” I told her no. She hmmmmd and haawwwwed for a bit, throwing hints. But she said she was toying with the whole acting thing. She completely idolizes Hillary Duff, by the way, and the fact that she makes “decent” movies. I said to her “I’m not mad, I actually think you would probably be a good actress (she has some scary-serious natural talent), and my only remark is this. If you decide to follow this, it’s probably a shame I moved you away from Los Angeles. She was pleasantly surprised.

Like I said, whatever she wants to do. I just prefer that she not struggle any more than necessary and have a good enough job so that she doesn’t have to depend on anyone else, but be able to take good care of herself as an adult. But I guess that’s what every parent wants for their child.

Anonymous asked me:

What is your opinion on Mt. St. Helens today?

Okaaaaaay Anon. I think that Mt. St. Helen’s is going to erupt in a big way and fairly soon. In fact, geologically speaking, how she has been behaving in the past 6 months or so, I’m frankly surprised it hasn’t blown it’s lid yet.

How’s that? And thanks for asking, whomever you may be!

Pirate Wench (Wenchie) asked me:

If you could relive your senior prom, without changes, would you? Why or why not?

Aw HELL NO, woman! I got stood up for prom.

My STUPID ASSHOLE date apparently was hanging out with his friends earlier that day, got stoned (I found out 2 years later) and forgot everything. I was really pissed. I kept calling his house when he was really late and no one would give me a straight answer. It would be a cold day in hell before I went stag, considering I had planned to go with a guy that was a year or two older. I finally gave up and changed from my clothes and went out to a horribly expensive dinner with my best friend instead.

The fillet mignon I had that night was particularly tasty, so no, I wouldn’t change that part of the evening one bit!!

Well, thanks for dropping by. See ya!

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