Sombody kiss me. I'm officially permanent at my job as of 1 hour ago!

The other day my boss handed me a blank performance appraisal and told me "How do you think you've done?" me: *blank stare* then, the quick save "I"ve done quite well, I think!". Jeez y'all, what did he think I would say? I don't know why I'm still here? I mean REALLY NOW!

So I did what any intelligent person would do. I filled out the form myself and handed it in to him the next morning for discussion.

First, he laughed at my audacity, to which I pointed out one of my positive points "Is pro-active;takes initiative" Granted, I did fill out one or three little things in the "Areas of Improvement" section. I was frankly stumped on how to re-word "Get it through CEO's thick, habitually-late-couldn't-be-on-time-to-his-own-funeral skull that when I gently remind him 5 times that he really must leave for that appointment, like, 15 minutes ago because there is traffic- OHMYGOD LOOK DOWN AT THE TRAFFIC OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW FOR HEAVENS SAKE ITS LIKE A PARKING LOT-MOOOOVVVEEEEEE!", then he tells me later: "you have to manage me and make sure I leave!" and I somehow manage to keep myself from leaping for his throat with claws extended but not, I fear, stop myself from staring at him goggle-eyed in shock because I literally walk in, after about the 3rd or 4th reminder and, depending on who if anyone is inside with him, I take his blazer off the hanger on the back of the door, walk over to him and pick up his mobile phone and hold them both out to him, arms extended while backing towards the door.

So, I worded it to read like this: "Needs to managed CEO better with regard to scheduled meetings/appointments." Although, I honestly don't know what else I could do unless........

I think I just gave myself carte blanche to drag him out by his ears, didn't I? Woohooo! Love that!

Now then, ranking myself for the key points of the company philosophy: scale of 1-5 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being excellent, 4 being very good, etc..) I rated myself all 4's and 5's. This illicited a grin from him when reading it. I could have put all 5's, but he is a tough cookie, so I took it easy on him. hee hee. Two things I didn't skimp on were a) Personal Characteristics and core Skills and b) Interpersonal Qualities/Communication and c) job knowledge. THOSE were all a 5.

The best thing of all? He didn't change ANY OF IT, but instead added positive and good comments to it in writing. Verbally he looked at me,grinned and said "Congratulations! You are officially permanent. That is saying a lot, because I do not make people permanant easily. You have met my admittedly high expectations and surpassed them." Lord knows he is right. He has let TWO members of senior management go before they could finish 5 weeks with the bank! I thanked him, shook his hand, took my review, and hightailed it out of the office!

Finally, thank GOD, some form of stability. Amen.


cheryl b. said...

Way to go hot stuff!
Question question......hmmmmm.
If it was up to you what would Ariana be when she grows up? And none of this "she can be whatever she wants to be". I KNOW that you will let (and help) her to do what it is that SHE wants. What does she currently want to do with her life?

Pirate Wench said...

You are so awesome. I'm assuming you won't mind -- I linked to your blog on my website.

Catrina said...

Good! Now you can request vacation! (hint hint)

Scarlett Cyn said...

Thanks Cheryl, Wenchie, and Cat! A big old squishy-smoosh-you-against-my-bosoms hug and a kiss!

Aw Pirate Wench, you didn't have to! But I'm oh-so honored (seriously) and glad you did! A round of rum is on me!

Cat: I have a question for you: "How comfy is the bed in your guest room?" (hint hint)