Sleep Tight

A few observations as I ready myself (and the house) for bed.

My husband once upon a time used to tell me "good night" at the very least while stumbling off to bed. Now, I think he is going to the bathroom and then I realize he is sound asleep in bed. So much for manners!

My daughter is at that 'quirky' (how I hate that term, but hell! It applies.) age where sometimes she wants lovin from Mama before bed and a story (Harry Potter usually!) or a song. Those nights are becoming few and far between. Usually when I insist on (duh!) installing some manners in her, ie: saying good night to your mom and dad, she balks. Oh. Joy.

In my mind, the score is 0 - 2 in the opposing team's favor.

I kind of sadly realized that Garfield, (remember him? He is getting freaking HEWGE, Y'all. So grown into the name. 100% Even the WALK.) and Bandit, my two little furball boys have set a bedtime routine. If I'm up too late, one of them comes, walks onto my shoulder down to my breasts and flops down for a snooze, after looking me in the eyes and meowing at me like "Yo! MOM! Get your butt in bed NOW! I wanna snuggle. SEE?" after which heproceeds to have a nice nap on. my. tits. people! This is cute now, but what about when he is full grown? I mean, yeah, there is plenty of room, but jeez! Not that much!

Anyhow, Garfee and Bandit escort me to the bedroom, follow me around like the secret service -one on each side-or something, until finally escorting me between the sheets. Then? Lots of purring and.. Bandit between the pillows with his chin on my shoulder. Garfield stretched out above my head playing with my hair until one of us passes out.

Fine. Excecpt, I just discovered one of the other girls snores like a freightratin. OH. My Heavens.

Meow! I'm off to bed now. Good Night darlings!

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oliviadrab said...

Cats always know where the cushy parts are, don't they?