Patience is a virtue, my Mama always said.

I'll give you a little tease of my Confession this week, shall I?

Here's the question I got from Carrie Jo this week:

My Q is: Do you always wear matching bra and undies or do you care? Weird question, but some women are really into that and some (like me) could care less usually but sometimes I like to match.

Actually Carrie Jo, I'm quite a bit like you for the most part but probably a bit more anal. I used to be more into it than I am now. It's not so much that I care, but that it's a habit.

But old habits DO die hard. SO, usually, even if it isn't a matching set, per se, if it's a white bra, white undies. Black bra, black undies. Pink, etc.. More often than not tho, it depends on what I'm wearing.

What's weird is that lately? I've been matching my undies to my nightie. which makes no sense since I refuse to, um, sleep in a nightie! Hell if I know why I do this.

And that, my darling, is your answer!

The rest to come later on. See you in a bit!

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