Time to Pray

Just got a call from Mama a little bit ago. Seems that she has spoken with my step-mother and my Daddy is not doing too well. (I was right. I told Mama on the phone the other day something was wrong with him. WHY did I have to be right??) He's been in the hospital since last Friday, so that is 9 days now, with pneumonia. Step-mom told Mama not to tell me, and Mama said "The Hell I won't! She adores her father, you should see his picture all over her house! She deserves to know, she will want to pray for him." Hence my phone call. (Ok, well, she told me that, and the fact that my brothers had a knock down drag out argument that, it seems, escelated into a full blown whopass brawl and now they aren't on speaking terms. No one knows what triggered it. Ugh.)

While pneumonia isn't always fatal there are a few concerns. He'll be 75 in September, and has had numerous strokes and heart attacks, to the point of flat-lining and being brought back more than twice. He's also a Type 2 diabetic that is barely kept under control with meds. Obviously, Daddy is a fighter. But I'm worried because he's been in so long with what he is in with.

Worried is actually quite an understatement and I feel like absolute crap too. I was supposed to go see him last October, but had to cancel my trip when I lost my job. It was so hard for me to tell him that I wasn't coming, when he was honestly so excited I was coming.

Mama told me last time she spoke with him he kept asking her "What happened to October? I was supposed to see my girl finally. What happened to October?" Man, I feel like a heel. Felt like one then, feel like an even bigger one now.

I think I'll go pray now, bad Catholic that I am. He can probably use all the prayers he can.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven... hallowed be thy name...."


helpastudent said...

Sorry to hear about your father. Hope he gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope your father gets better soon. Good luck with everything.

cheryl b. said...

Oh sweatheart, I'm sending out all the "please universe athiest prayers" that I can for your dad.

Mare_Imbrium said...

oh no. I hope he gets better. How soon can you get out to see him?