The ROWRRR Factor

I've got a new crush, y'all,or maybe just a previous one recently rekindled, I'm not really sure. The new object of my affections at present is…

Rob Thomas. Rowwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrr. *shudder, droool*

For those of you giving your monitor a blank stare, let me educate you. He is the lead singer of of Matchbox 20 and wrote the song "Tragedy" (which I really like also, come to think of it!) for Marc Anthony (aka Mr. J-Lo) and if you are still thinking "wtf?" then perhaps you remember him from a song he did with Carlos SANTANA a couple of years ago that was played to DEATH.

Ah! I see light bulbs going off now! Yesssss! And he has a new solo album out and a single "Don't Want To Be Lonely" on the Billboard Top 20 right now. Go on, have a listen. Oh my! Listen to the words. Oh my, oh my, ohhhh my!

I really LOVE that song. I have to go buy that cd. *Chants 'Come on Payday'! " Rob has major ROWRRRRR factor. He is damn sexy. He's mmmm mmmmm, GOOD! And I lurve the way he sings… it's like he's growling. Like I said, rowrrrrrr.

You all know my tastes tend to run to the dark haired, tall Irish or Scottish men, but once in a while there is a yummy American to tempt my taste buds and my, but he is awfully tempting. Yes, I think he'll do nicely in my male harem.

ROWRR Factor is for someone that appeals to you in such a way as to get your senses thrumming, for whatever reason. The sound of their voice sends a shiver down your spine. When you look at them, you have very naughty and wonderful thoughts of what you wouldn't mind doing to them, with them, whatever. Someone that makes you body tingle in interesting places. Ie: all over and in some places more than others.

Does anyone else agree with me about his level of hotness? Who do YOU think has ROWRRR Factor?

And Rob honey? You don't have to be lonely any more! *kiss*


Mare_Imbrium said...

The only singer I can think of who has ever had that "rowr" factor for me - for voice alone, that is - is Jim Morrison. Crystal Ship by The Doors is one of those songs that just makes me say ROWR, too bad you're dead.

Accents are a big killer for me too. My current favorite actor is Jack Davenport, from Pirates of the Caribbean (so sorry she wouldn't marry you, hon, I'll comfort you!) and from a BBC comedy called Coupling. He would have to talk to me the whole time, if you know what I mean. :)

Peach said...

Rob Thomas is a cutie, no doubt. I wouldn't mind chasing Robbie Williams around the table a few times. (Hi, Robbie! Call me!)