Dazed and Confused (more than usual)

My only excuse today is.... I had a crappy day at work.

Boss was being SNIDE to everyone, including me, and ballsy broad that I am? I didn't just take it. I politely pointed out that... well, he was "misinformed". (read: out of his fu*king mind WRONG)

It was one of those kind of days that NEVER seem to pass, which is rare for me,especially here at this job.

So, this afternoon I find myself sending my friend emails to work, to which I usually get a pretty prompt response (damn firewall, IM isn't available here, sob!) but I kept wondering why no reply? After about email no 3,one of which was "Monday greeting" where I was getting progressively more and more smart-ass, as usual, I realized one itsy problem.....


Make sure you guys don't pull anything while you're laughing at me, hmmm?

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