Scarlett Cyn , the MYTH BUSTER

This is basically a Public Service Announcement for women .

Why? Because while mall prowling with Z and Arianna - ok, fine, Ari and I were plowing our way through a scoop of Orange Sherbert (me) and Red raspberry Sherbert (Ari) - and I see something from far that just strikes me as... hootchie. It's been a while since I've seen something this... wrong and I just have to do my little bit for the planet.

Ladies, Sisters! Lend me your ears!

There is a myth that I must fix. I cannot handle seeing this. It is SO Britney Spears, and we don't want to look trashy, now do we?

Therefore, I feel I must let those of you not in the know, well, know! Wearing a black bra under a white blouse is just WRONG. If your mama told you that a black bra under white doesn't show? She lied. I'm sorry, but she did. Proof was the girl I saw today. I could see that black bra from good 75 feet away. It was even more obvious the closer she got to me.

SO please. Don't do it. It just looks tacky. Ok? Blush, or beige or cream under white is fine if you are Caucasian. Black? DOES NOT WORK.

Thank you. This is my good deed for the day.

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