Oh NO!

Hell. I've gone and done it again! *Sigh*

I completely forgot to ask for Inquisition questions this week. So. Please, GIVE ME SOME, hmmm???

Questions! I meant QUESTIONS! What AM I going to do with you all? *flutters eyelashes*

Damn work. It totally distracts me from the more important things in life... like blogging.

Everyone, get your questions in, and I'll give you your answer as soon as humanly possible.

Also, as a side note. To all you bloggers out thereI would like your valued opinion, if you don't mind. What do you prefer? Movable type or TypePad or something else altogether? I would greatly appreciate any advice you would like to give me. Now keep in mind that html is not my forte, so I need to consider something user friendly.


cheryl b. said...

Your "smile" post made me think of this. When I was little my grandpa always said "thanks" before Thanksgiving dinner (the only time my family prayed) and he always thanked god for the bluebirds.

Close your eyes and picture the perfect meal. Tell me about it. Who's there? What are you eating, drinking? What do you smell? If you're talking, what about? What is the table set with?

Isabel said...

You tell us about Monster and how absolutely crazy she is. Why is that? What makes her do these crazy things and act this crazy way? What does she have against you?

Catrina said...

Because she is a witch isabel. I knew her when they were all living in the United States. MIL would perch at the window and lurk with her cigarette hanging out of her mouth. That was the only way we knew she was there. The smell of smoke. She would just watch and leer and take in all that she could so she could tell her son when he got home. But when he was there, she was as sweet as could be. Remember Cyn? We ALL used to call her Mamon and she would smile and teach us bad words and cook samboosas when Z was around? She is a backstabbing bitch and she should just die for all the pain and suffering she has put Scarlett and Ari through.
Question: When you come visit, do you want to go to Disneyland or Raging Waters first?

Pirate Wench said...

What will your funeral be like?

Indigo Wolf said...

My Q is: Do you always wear matching bra and undies or do you care? Weird question, but some women are really into that and some (like me) could care less usually but sometimes I like to match.
-Carrie Jo

oliviadrab said...

I have no questions, but I will say I am having a mad crazy love affair with Typepad. It is neato.

Mare_Imbrium said...

This may have been asked before. But what's your favorite part of life in Bahrain?