Cold Hard Truth

I've been thinkin.... I realize I'm being moody lately, and it's not just the fact that my boss has decided to bring a secretary into the department that will report to me that so far? Just based on what I've seen of her since her interview (snuck in under my radar) and a brief interaction or three when she came to sign a contract, she seems to have an attitude problem (and HR thinks this too, but the whole decision went over our heads) and that she will be paid a LOT more than my current salary before OT even though a) she will be reporting to me, b) I'm Executive Secretary (she, a lower grade to CEO only.) to not only the CEO, but to the Board of Directors AND Executive Office Manager. And she will be getting MORE THAN ME? That is just WAAAAAAAAAAAY fucked.

No, it's not just the whole injustice of that situation. Beyond that whole fucked up situation at work, you know what I think my problem is, among other things? I need to get laid, bigtime.

I seriously need not only to get laid, but to have a mind blowing orgasm or three. Or 5. It would be really nice to just lay back, relax and let go and be pleasured senseless, dazed, and left out of breath vaguely wondering where my asthma inhaler is.

Likliehood of that happening? Not bloody likely! I don't even remeber that last time something like THAT happened.

No wonder I'm moody, dammit! *cusses fluently in three langueages*

I mean jeez, there is only so much one can do for oneself, ya know?


cheryl b. said...

Yet another reason you should live close to me *wink wink*

Mare_Imbrium said...

Sorry about that. I think you need to send your daughter off to a friends and slip monster some sort of sedative and tell your husband he has no choice. :)

That's awful about the new hire. I guess she must be the niece or daughter or mistress of someone high up, huh? I hope that everyone realizes what a bad attitude she has and she gets let go.

bre said...

i agree with mare.... although i think you should lock the door behind you... just for added assurance