Yes, I perversely sat up until almost 1 am watching the Michael Jackson trial verdicts read live.

One by one I heard 'Not Guilty' read on CNN. I can only imagine the terror MJ was feeling. I was actually quite impressed by the way he and the whole family conducted themselves upon exiting the courthouse.

I won't say whether I personally think he was guilty or not, but I will say this:

Michael, for the love of God, please, PLEASE stay away from males under 18 from now on, for your own sake and that of your children!


Anonymous said...

I would have preferred the Prosecutor had offered Michael a deal before trying him, i.e. voluntary confinement for one month in a psychiatric hospital for intensive therapy. Substance abusers often get to go to the Betty Ford Center for treatment. Prison would not have done Michael any good; therapy has a better chance. Michael, is it too late now?

bre said...

after the announcement on the news said he was not guilty on all ten charges, my mom called me up and stated that if he was not guilty, then she is a virgin..... hm. if he really isn't guilty (mind you i have really no opinion) then how would i be here? lol