Heartless Murd*ring Bitch From Hell.

Uh huh. I just bet that has y'all wondering, now doesn't it? Some of you might even be thinking to yourself, "I wonder what the hell Monster has done now?".

Crazy old bitch. She just HAD to take a bad situation and make it worse. I'm SOOOOOO fed up.

You will please recall that I have a gizillion pedigree Persian cats. Ok, perhaps gizillion is exaggerating. But it definetely takes two hands to count em, and maybe a toe or two. Today, that number is down by ONE.

Last week I told y'all about Gypsy, she is my little angel kitten who is about 2 months old or so, give or take a week. Gypsy is one of a litter of two born to Isis in her golden years. (That Max is one horny devil, isn't he? He's getting everyone knocked up. You will also recall the 'discussion' (read- ongoing argument) between Z and I to take Max for the snippy of his nutsack, no? Yes!)

Anyhooo, I kind of purposly didn't mention Gypsy's litter mate, her brother, because there was something wrong with him that didn't allow him to grow and develop properly. He was sweet as pie, if a bit 'thick' if you get my drift and looked just like a 90-something year old man. This morning he had what appeared to be a massive stroke (remember Fred from last year? Same thing. I think its because Isis is too old to be getting knocked up- in cat years) and was basically dying for the early part of today. Now you all know that I'm too much of a softie to put him out of his misery by speeding him along personally to cat Heaven, but I am big on letting them go knowing they are loved and as comfortable as possible. Gypsy has always been particulary OVERPROTECTIVE of the little guy, and you could totally see the sadness in her eyes today as she hovered near him. She would go over and give him kisses and then walk away and look at him, standing guard. So I made sure he was in an air conditioned room (since it is about 110-ish plus humidity today) and told Shony to leave it on so he doesn't suffer unessarily. A while later is when IT struck.

I had a 'date' (read: appointment) with my ENT for him to shove all manner of things up my nose, in my ears, and down my throat because I just can't handle the raging sinus infection one day longer, so I left the house for my appointment, again reiterating to Shony to leave little man right where he is and she said "no problem. I'm gonna go take a shower now while you're gone." I go to the doc, much squirming (me) ensues, and shaking of head and tut-tutting (Doc), meds are prescribed, and I'm on my way to pick up Z to come home for lunch. I get home and I notice that Little Man is MIA. This made me sad, and I figured that he passed while I was out at the doctor and playing chauffeur for Z and Shony, um, took care of things so as not to traumatize Arianna.


Later, when Ari was not around and after I again drove 30 min into town to drop Z off and returned home did I ask Shony for the low-down.

And then I got PISSSSSED OFF.

Turns out the old murdering BITCH FROM HELL, as soon as I was gone to the Doc and Shony in her room goes and...........

Yeah, you guessed it. Dumped Little Man outside in the FUCKING 110+ degree heat, MIDDAY, to finish dying. Do you have any idea how intense the sun is here?

Now I admit that little man already had one paw in the grave, so to speak, but what she did was absolutely horrifying.

By the time Shony FOUND HIM, it was too late, but when she started to describe his condition at the end, I started gagging and made her stop because it was really obvious that he suffered. I am SO PISSED. Turns out Shony already went ballistic on the old witch. Too bad I missed that.

So of course, I tell you-know-who about it, because if I let loose without his having the lowdown, well, it could get ugly, and plus, well, I might have made a lunge for her, and with no one to pull me off, I probably wouldn't have stopped till I was tired. So I tell him "She is a horrible creature. How in the hell could she do this to that poor little cat??" He started making excuses and I said "NO EXCUSES! She never does anything for or to the cats except to abuse them, but this is SICK SHIT! Remember how she admitted to us that not long after she and your father married she tossed his kitten off the roof? three stories? and puddytat went splat? She is an evil animal killer! Tell her she killed Little Man! Let her know that's on her head too, along with all the other stuff she's done!" Z tried to put me off. I have been saying ever since "Did you tell her she's a murderer yet?"

Nope. Of course he hasn't. Wimpy mama's boy. He said "why should I?" I told him he'd better say something, because if I get started it could get beyond ugly, and then I will say something to her face I really shouldn't. Something like, oh, I don't know... something like this: "The way Little Man died, all alone, suffereing and dumped in the heat, gasping for breath, alone, you might consider that the same could happen to you!" And it could totally happen too, that I say something like that, because my daughter found out what happened to Little Man and boy is she pissed.

Look y'all, I am a really kind and loving person, but if you piss me off, and pull cruel shit like this? Well, lets just say, on my shitlist is not somewhere you wanna be, okay? Guess who's on top of that list?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.*talons OUT*

Now Gypsy is stuck to me like white on rice meowing plaintively. Ugh. Poor sister kitty.


cheryl b. said...

I'm so fucking pissed I think I'm going to vomit. I can't even tell you how sorry I am that you have to put up with her shit. I've wanted to say this before, but is he worth it? Honestly, is he?

oliviadrab said...

I can't even think, I am so pissed! That is... AAAUGH! So fucking wrong. How can anyone have such a lack of heart?