Further Proof

I had earlier briefly considered also posting another Monster vs. my cats incident, thought better of it, and now, based on a few of the comments I recieved on the last one about Little Man, I've decided to go ahead and post it after all although, I truly believe that what she did the other day was one of the most evil things she has done yet.

When I was living in the US , I came to Bahrain on vacation right before I moved, when Z was recruited to work over here . That was when she and her evil then 51 year-old son that was freeloading off of us for two years called the Humane Society to come and take away my cats.. all 12 of them.

I had arranged for a friend from work, Veronica, to look after them every day that I would be gone for me (monster didn't even have to sneeze on them). Poor Veronica freaked the hell out when she came over to feed, water and clean up after them after work one day after I had been gone 4-5 days and discovered the cats GONE. V later told me that when she arrived at my apartment, Monster was happily cleaning up- going through my personal things, and throwing all the cat things out (meds, shampoos, food,toys, food dishes, brushes and grooming tools, everything you can think of- and it was a LOT of stuff!) and told her "ALL GONE! Heh heh" with a big toothy grin. She said "cat police take". Poor Veronica was freaking the hell out cause they were her responsiblity in my absence. She was begging monster to give her whatever paperwork they had left so she could go and get them out and keep them at her place! but monster said "no paper give. no no.". smiling all the while.

Then I get a call here ON VACATION- 4 days in- from monster saying the "cat police come and take them ALL". I was 10,000 miles away on the other side of the planet unable to do anything. I felt like I was in the worst kind of hell. She kept saying there was no paperwork left, which I felt sure was a big lie. (Veronica later told me she had been begging her for the paperwork for days and days and that she kept saying "No no. No police paper."

I kept wondering who called the Humane Society to come take them, even with my sneaking suspicion, I kept quiet till I got home, sure that they had all been put to sleep and heavily depressed. As soon as we got home -and very late at night - she handed the paperwork to Z saying "I don know, I don know". Y'all know which paper work, the paperwork from the "Cat police" that she said she never recieved!

The next day I called H.S. to see what had happened to my pets. Thank GOD they were a) still alive and had not been euthanized, and b) not been given away either. I begged them to tell me who had called them, but as per the rules, they wouldn't say anything, and thankfully, I explained to them that I had been away on vacation when someone did this and they let me BUY MY PETS BACK at about $75-80 bucks each.Yeah, you do the math. I will never forget the dejected looks on their sad little faces when I walked into the kitty jail before they saw me. I started calling them and they all jumped up and ran to the bars,sticking paws out and meowing like anything. I was SO angry, but relieved that they were all alive.

At the time, in my apartment complex, I a had a vet for a neighbor who took care of the racehorses at the racetrack nearby. When I came back, she took me aside and told me "did you get your cats back?" and I told her yes. She told me that she was there when the officers came and took them and when she identified herself as a Vet and asked what happened, one of the officers said "we were told the owners called and said they didn't want them anymore". She then went on to tell me that encountering my BIL in the laundry room, she asked him and managed to weasel out of him that he is the one that called for them to be taken away, that evil Queen.
I threw a complete hissyfit which was, as usual, no use, since Z refused to believe it.

I can tell you honestly that she is one of the most horrible people I have ever met, and it frightens the hell out of me that my husband came out of someone like that. It really does. He has some of her tendancies, but recieved most of his genetics from his father, thankfully. The "monster tendencies" that he did inherit, I didn't see when we were dating and engaged, mostly because he kept it very well hidden.


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