Hide and Go Seek!!!

I have a problem. Things like this really bother me. Yes, reading things like "CIA chief has 'excellent idea' where bin Laden is" as a news headline irritate the shit out of me.

Now while I am not the most violent and bloodthirsty of wenches you may ever encounter, this whole "the US respects Sovreign Nations" bullshit and applying it to the whole situation regarding O*ama Bin La*in, rubs me the wrong way.

There are plenty of ways that this tall, evil, and unfortunately intelligent problem could be, ahem, taken care of, no matter where he is hiding. I mean jeez, isn't that one of the proper uses of US Special Forces and MI5? All those legions of James Bond type guys and they aren't being used for such a good cause? How depressing. Some people need to be obliterated from planet Earth, and he is one of them. Definetly.

But I'm slightly confused, because one minute we hear from "intelligence officials" that: "We don't know where he is" then the next "We think we know where he is", and then two breaths later "We have an excellent idea where he is" then we back to the "We don't have a friggin clue". I'm sure that O*ama the psychopath is sitting in his hidey hole somewhere laughing his freaky ass off at the whole hide and seek game he is playing, and apparently winning.

As Mama always said "there is a time and place for everything" and honestly, it is way past time to get this lunatic, particularly when it seems that the people that should know WHERE he is already do!

Ok, I'm through ranting now.

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