Happy Daddy's Day!

*Cues 'Daddy Cool' by Boney M*

To all of you Daddies out there, I'd like to wish you a very Happy Father's Day! Regardless of whatever your kids may address you as, be it Father, Dad, Daddy, Da, DaDa Papa, Pa, Pere, Pop,اقاجان,Baba, Abu,爸, cha, татко ,‏بابا , I wish you all a relaxed, happy day and may your deepest dearest wishes come true!

Kick back, watch a ball game, play a round of golf, or don't do much of anything if you are so inclined, have a great meal and enjoy yourselves! You deserve it! I think we can all agree that without all of you, none of us would be here!

Have a great day, Daddies of the world!

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