I Was Sort Of Wondering.....

I have a little question for any of you out there (and if you have PCOS, even better! You know what I mean!! That it would be for the same reason!) that might have taken Glucophage, aka Metformin:

When kicking in with a newly prescribed 'high' dose, (ie: I was taking it previously, but NOT LIKE THIS! Stopped it, and have now begun taking it all over again) have any of you ever felt so sick and near to vomiting that all you could do was take very shallow breaths to keep from hurling? I can usually handle nausea, but this is particulary bad. Doc has put me on two tabs in the am and two in the pm and damn me if it hasn't brought me low yesterday and today! I'm kind of hoping this feeling will pass sooner than later. As is, as I type, it's all I can do to just sit here and not make for the porcelain throne.

Help a sistah out, willya?

PS: In vengance for Z being a weak schmuck, I did what any caring wife would do...... I snitched to his Diabetes specialist that he has been cheating on his diet (when I'm not around) and eating all sorts of things he shouldn't,(other than sugar and sweets, I mean), like very oily fatty foods, particulary prepared by Monster, whose motto has always been "the more oil the better", and he's not checking his blood for days unless I nag him into doing it, etc.. ie: he has become complacent since it is 'under control' and since he views me as a nagging shrew and refuses to understand that I have only his best long term intrest at heart, I had to whip out the big guns.

Whew! That was a derious run on sentence, wasn't it? Anyway, Doc said thank you for informing him of all this, and he looked quite ready to nail him to the wall. I told Doc that I've repeatedly told him when he tries to come back with the argument "see? I will check my blood after eating such and such a food... my sugar level is ok" to which I reply, I'm 'nagging' not because of your sugar level, but because Type 2 diabetes doesn't disappear one day, and these things you eat affect your whole body! Heart, liver, kidneys, etc... everything! But he doesn't listen. So I snitched.

Heh. Didn't I tell y'all that on my shitlist is not somewhere you want to be?

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