My physicist rocket scientist Aunt sent me some lovely quotes by women, for women and the one below was just such wonderful timing and ties in well with my previous post and what I'm going through these days.

A male gynecologist is like an auto mechanic who never owned a car.
-Carrie Snow

Im POSITIVE that the few men that do read my blog -and you know who you are sweetums!- are intelligent and honest enough to admit that..... ITS DAMN ACCURATE!(Isn't it fellas?)

Don't think Im cheered up. Im not.Im pretty sure that I have a snowball's chance in hell of my cycle continuing after Sat am. SO,Im NOT cheered up. Im tipsy.(A wee bit cause HEY, Im Irish! I can hold my liquor.)Got dragged to a sortof business dinner thingie-that I wasn't previously informed about-after all the crap of today,didn't wanna go, but had to. Made a new Irish friend tonight.She's great. Pitcher of Margheritas made by a heavy handed bartender.And I now have a place to stay in Ireland. ANY QUESTIONS?? I thought not.

Get off my ass.I haven't touched alchol in about 3 years. SO SHHHHHH! Actually, Z hasn't seen me drink since 1992 at my 21st Birthday. Heh. He told Irish girls' fiancee "Oh,I don't drink and neither does Cyn...." and Fiancee says "huh?She doesn't? She's on her 3rd glass!!" HEH.Im so fucked when this wears off tomorrow. I guess me tipsy is better than me sobbing.....

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