"The Hissyfit"

I seem to have been surrounded by a number of Asshats yesterday.


Generally speaking, things could have gone better yesterday. They couldn't have been much worse. Well, they could, but not by much. I had originally planned to post on here when I got back from my wand monkey appointment, but I was so, well, furious still that even when I stopped to bring Arianna something on my way home, my regular drive-thru guy at McDonalds noticed it. He asked how I am and I said "oh fine" with a smile, and he looked at me, cocked his head (ok, he's gay, he swished his hips too) and said "um, hon, I don't think so. It shows in your eyes you're upset". Well hell. Of course, he then went on to tell me about his new boyfriend while I was waiting for Miss Persnickity's usual special order Happy Meal. (But hey, whatever rocks your boat, I say. Shit, with TWO -yes two!-gay BIL's, to think otherwise would be supremely hypocritical, don't you think?) Sigh.

So, where exactly shall I begin, hmmm? I know. Vampire visit at 6:50am.

I got stuck with a goddamn needle at 6:50am. That should be saying enough. Unless you want to know about the huge-ass briuse that was a result of the blood draw? That since that bruise is there, they won't be able to use the same arm tomorrow? Which SUCKS cause that is a lovely vein. pops out all by itself, showing fat and blue beneath my milky translucent skin. But Noooooooo, they are gonna have to POKE around in my LEFT arm tomorrow. Where the vein is virtually non-existant to the naked eye and they have to slap the hell out of the area like a dominatrix on crack to get an inkling of where to poke. NO? Fine. On to my afternoon appointment then.

1st, as I was getting situated in the stirrups, BEFORE they could put the "sheet" over my nether regions, Wand Monkey came barrelling in. Had the nerve to act embarassed, started to back out the door again. (remember? the table is DIRECTLY opposite the door. Why did HE act embarassed? Like he hasn't stared at my crotch EVER?? Jeez. Anyhoo, I was left alone with Nurse Lucy the Ditz. then WM came BACK IN. he reached for the wand and I said,very sweetly "whoa! Could you please be gentle this time?" He reared back and proceeded to look at me like I slapped him in the face. THEN I almost fell off the table, when he gently (for him) inserted the wand and said "Oh, Do you tell Z that too, "be gentle"?" *gasp sputter, gasp* then I said " Just shut up and don't hurt me, ok?!!" (Asshole.) Then he finished and left. I attemped to dress, realized once I'd pulled my slacks and underwear back on that something wasn't quite right. I was so irritated that I managed to literally "get my knickers in a twist". Just great.

After righting the wrong, I walked into docs office to hear him nagging on the phone to the lab about something or other. I see my chart in front of him. I peek, as usual, look at Lucy to see her harassed expression, and then notice that: THERE.ARE.NO.NEW.LAB.RESULTS.WRITTEN.FOR.ME. So then I begin eavesdropping on Doc H's tel conversation properly. I look at Lucy again, "What? They didn't give MY lab results YET??" I whisper at her, appalled and irritated. She shakes her head "no.". Dr. H looks so pissed. He hangs up. I said to him "My lab work not done?" He said "no." we had a little talk, Doc and me. I got really pissed and muttered "Bullshit!" every now and then. So he made a SCIENTIFIC GUESS based on my ultrasound and NOT on my blood work on how much meds to give me in the next 5 minutes. Well shit. He said to me "if they do this again, you should say someething to them" and I said "HAH! Ain't gonna be another next time. Im gonna go jump them NOW!!" He liked that. Then I asked how the U/S was. How many follicles? He said "they haven't grown enough to say". Well, that was depressing. They had better get in gear or he will cancel the cycle by Sunday. So now Im depressed AND Pissed. Bad combination. Went and got my injection. Oh joy. Then I tore downstairs to the lab.

Ok. All the "Lab Rats" know me awfully well. Which in itself is kinda sad. So the manager sees me coming and smiles at me. I said Hello. (with rage boiling in my head)He said "what can I do for you today?" and I replied:

"Well, I'd like to know WHY MY BLOOD RESULTS ARE NOT READY YET AND ITS ALMOST 4PM. I GAVE MY BLOOD SAMPLE AT 6:50AM TODAY." This was said in a really, really mean voice. Which is extremely uncharacteristic of me. I listened to his numerous excuses... refuting each and every one.

Well, one of our lab techs left on emergency leave" Me:"So,is that my problem? NO!" "well, if they don't get the blood to us in time.." and I said "That is TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE. BUT! MY BLOOD WAS WAITING FOR YOUR LAB RATS BEFORE THEY EVEN SHOWED UP FOR WORK AT 8AM!It should have been the first thing they did!" and so on. He ended up apologizing profusely and I said "just don't let it happen again. If it does, Im going straight to the owner of the hospital" (it's a privately owned hospital)

Actually, I was really, furious. Ahhh, the hormonal mood swings associated with the IVF meds have begun. Oh joy.

As an update. I am really, horribly nauseated from the Dostinex. And I had to take my second pill yesterday. UGH. I have yet another blood draw tomorrow and wand monkey appt in the afternoon. woo. hoo.yip.eee.

Gee, and how was YOUR day?

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