Hellooooo? What’s going on in there???

I’ve got another appointment with Dr. H/Wand Monkey Extraordinaire tomorrow afternoon. Blood draw with the Vampire at 6:50am and Ultrasound & injection in the afternoon. I am anxious to see what’s going on in my ovaries. I wonder how many follicles are growing?

I tend to respond well to any of the ovarian stimulation medications. That isn’t my concern. I tend to respond too well and have a bumper crop in there. That could be bad. I have to be monitored carefully to prevent the OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome-please see IVF overview). Dr. H is usually worried about that with me too. I can’t prevent it, because I always get it to some degree, never mild though, but I just have to be careful it doesn’t reach the dangerous stages. The number of follicles growing is usually an indicator for me of what to expect.

I took my first dose of Dostinex on Sat. (for the prolactin problem) It has made me so nauseous I can’t even describe it properly except to say that I haven’t eaten much of anything since then, and the smell of just about any food makes me gag. I try not to think about being nauseous, but it’s just kind of there, you know? The nausea is calming down some,not enough,but some, and I just remembered… I have to take another Dostinex tablet tomorrow. UGH. Great.

I think I’m going to have to have a little talk with Wand Monkey when I see him tomorrow. I don’t really think I can handle a repeat of the last ultrasound I had. I was flippant in my description of it, but to be perfectly honest, it hurt like hell. I wanted to shout and cry at the same time. I just hope he listens. I also hope he doesn’t start rolling his eyes at me, cause I might just get all snippy on him and tell him off. I also think I can safely corner him and find out WHO he plans to DUMP me and my follicle/eggs on while he is away next week. His roundabout avoidance of this question is really riling my Irish temper; and trust me, it isn’t pretty. Wouldn’t you think he’d no better than to try and cop attitude with any woman that he knows for a damn FACT has been being pumped full of hormones for days? Yeah, you would.

Despite all my cracks about him and the occasional abject fear I experience when he seems confused about my treatment, he does have a good success rate. All I have to do is look at Z’s niece’s huge belly with triplets in it thanks to him and I feel some reassurance. (it helps that we are almost next door neighbors… there’s one house separating us) Looking at all the pregnant women waiting to see him and finding out that they too went through this crap.. also helps. Yeah, keep reminding yourself that!

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